Acupressure Points for Constipation Relief

Constipation can be cured with the help of acupressure.  Acupressure is a safe way to deal with many disease and conditions including constipation.  If you take help of acupressure and related therapies like yoga as home remedies for constipation you help yourself more since your body is able to use it natural healing ability.

Acupressure therapy involves applying pressure on specific points on the body to cure various ailments and diseases.  The theory behind acupressure is there are many energy meridians in our body from where the energy flows in the body.  When the energy flow is disturbed, the diseases happen.  But if we apply pressure on the energy points then the flow is restored which helps in curing diseases.

One of the benefits of acupressure is diagnosis and treatment are done the same way.  When a point is pressed and you feel pain on the point and that means that the energy flow is not proper on that meridian or the channel. For example in case there is a pain in a particular point, that means the the organs which lie on that channel may not be working properly.  It may be a single organ or multiple organs also.

That means that the organs which are related to that channel may not be properly working, which in other words means that body is having some disease related to that organ.

Usually there will be other points also related to that energy channel also, but some of them may not be near the surface of the skin.  In that case you would have to press little harder on those points.  If the points are near the skin then you can press lightly.  If you feel too much pain then press lightly, and if the patient complains of discomfort then you can press the other points on the channel.

When you press the points the electric pulses are generated which increases the energy on the organs and heal them and cure the diseases.  Although it may be difficult to understand how acupressure can cure constipation or other diseases but has helped millions of people.  As long as this works, is free of cost and does not have any harmful effects why not try it?

Once you explain these points to anyone even if they are not having any proper knowledge of acupressure they can also easily give you the treatment.  Acupressure does not have any side effects also.

Pregnant women suffer a lot from constipation and there are multiple reasons for constipation during pregnancy but there are not many proper remedies available since they can have harmful and undesirable side effects.  Since acupressure does not have side effects this treatment can also be easily done on pregnant women for constipation.

When you press the points mentioned below, the energy channels which pass through the major digestive organs are activated and energized, which increases the functioning and effectiveness of these organs.  When the intestines have proper functioning, gall bladder and liver work properly and stomach receives the digestive juices in proper quantity constipation cannot last for long.

In this article let us see which are the acupressure points for Constipation cure and relief.

These points should be pressed for around 2 minutes each twice a day.  Drink around one to two glasses of water before the treatment.  Within a few days the treatment would have great effect since these pressure point activates the entire digestive system hence provide relief from constipation.

Point 1

Point 1 – This point is on the right hand. It is located on the joint of the index finger and the thumb near the wrist.

Point 2 This is located on inner side of the right leg. From the prominent ankle bone move around 1.5 to 2 inches above the ankle bone.

Point 3

This point is located on the right leg. Just below the bottom of the knee cap there is another prominent bone joint. The point is located just outside the bone.

Point 4

Point 4 – This is located on the right hand wrist around an inch and half above the wrist line and on the center.

Point 5

Point 5 – These are multiple points which are located on the imaginary line which passed from the throat through the belly button (naval). Start two inches below the belly button and press at a difference of half an inch going upwards. This meridian is called Conception Vessel Meridian. The points are located from two inches below the belly button and go to top at a difference of half inches each till 4 inches above the belly button. If you want to press multiple point together, place four fingers of left hand on the points and then press the left hand with the right hand. This will enable you to press more than one point together.

Drink a lot of warm water on the morning and undergo acupressure treatment twice a day you would be able to get rid of constipation soon.

Among the natural remedies for constipation, acupressure holds a special place because of the ease with which it can be administered, almost free and highly effectiveness.  So try acupressure and get the benefits.

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