Alternative Treatments for Constipation

Usually the most common way to treat constipation is with the use of laxatives. The laxatives used may be either bulk producing or stimulating laxative usually. Some people may also go for suppositories which can work in a different way. Each of these solutions is used in different circumstances.

In this article let us have a look at few unconventional ways to treat constipation. Although these methods are unconventional which means they are not that much well known but they are still quite effective and useful.   Many people have tried these constipation treatment and found them to be helpful.  Here are few of these unconventional constipation solution.

Alternative Treatments for Constipation

Oils For Constipation – Various oils are useful in treating constipation as well as other conditions such as joint pain and other health problems. Oils such as Olive oil and Castor oil provide good relief as they lubricate the intestinal system and also stimulate the liver to throw out more bile which helps in cleaning the entire intestine and the colon. Think of bile secretion as lather formed by soap which will help in washing out the intestines of anything which is sticking to them including old cough and sticky stool.  Once the intestines are clean and fresh they are rejuvenated and constipation is taken care of on its own.

Usually you should Castor oil once in a month for detoxification purpose also, but you can take lesser quantity on regular basis also to maintain good overall digestive health and keeping the system detoxified.  See Castor oil for constipation for more information.

Bio Feedback – In bio feedback patients with stress are helped since it teaches them to be relaxed and also in children and not to worry about constipation problem.  Usually there is a machine which indicates to the patient when they are too tense or stressed.  Many people become stressed when they face situation about which they are afraid of.  This has helped many people for whom medicines and laxatives are not effective.  For more information read Using Biofeedback and Psychology for Constipation Treatment.

Acupressure – Acupressure is a treatment technique in which various points in the body are pressed to get rid of many diseases and ailments.  These points are believed to have direct connection to many organs.  For constipation and digestive disorders there are specific points which when pressed, act as natural treatment for constipation.

Acupressure also helps in constipation by activating the digestive system and the various organs like Liver, Gall Bladder and intestines.  The peristaltic muscles started and start pushing the stool towards colon and that helps in relief from constipation.  Usually acupressure can also be administered by someone at home once you know the pressure points which need to be pressed.

You can also take help of similar therapy called Acupuncture which takes help of small needles which are inserted on precise points for a particular ailment.  Therefore for constipation also needles are inserted into certain points for certain amount of time.  Acupuncture usually needs to be done by a trained professional and you can visit your local therapist for this.

Yoga Can Help in Constipation – Yoga is an excellent alternative to maintain good health and also ensure that you have all the systems working properly.  Practicing yoga regularly will improve the digestive health dramatically in few weeks and help you to get rid of abdominal problems including constipation also.  During the yoga practice there is increased blood flow to particular organs which are affected by the practice.  Usually in Yoga you would practice poses which massage the abdominal organs and thus make them healthier and more efficient.

Practicing Yoga also improves overall fitness and stamina, drive away lethargy and reduces stress naturally.  Stress is one of the factors which can cause constipation in many people.

You can reach out to any good yoga teacher for learning the poses which are easy to practice and helpful in constipation.

Massage for Constipation Treatment – Massaging is a therapy which is used as alternative therapy in many diseases.  Massaging when done in a correct manner relaxes you, and by increasing the blood flow to the skin and the organs makes them healthier and gets rid of toxins.  It also repairs the tissues and reduces tiredness.

For constipation treatment, abdomen massage is very helpful.  You can slowly massage the abdomen with Mustard or Olive oil by massaging the abdominal region and then later taking hot water bath.  Doing this regularly will prevent constipation and many other stomach diseases.  For more information visit the article mustard oil for constipation treatment.

Fasting – Fasting is a natural treatment for constipation.  Occasional fasting has many benefits to the health since it detoxifies you and also help in increasing self control.  Fasting gives rest to the digestive system and gives it a chance to repair and heal itself.  The body feels light and with the rest the digestive system is rejuvenated and ready to work more efficiently and hence prevent constipation and other problems like acidity.  You can also take warm water with lemon juice for additional benefit since that will wash away the food stuff that may be sticking to the intestines for a long time and can cause slower digestion and bowel movements.

Initially if you feel too hungry you can take some light snack or a fruit and with some practice you can fast for one time which will be around 12 hours.  However if you face problems such as low blood sugar then it would be good to consult you doctor before you undertake the fast.

Other Benefits of Alternative Treatments for Constipation

If you are tired of trying conventional ways to treat your constipation problems then try the above alternative treatments for constipation and you may be surprised that solution was not that difficult as you used to think.  Another benefit of these alternative remedies for constipation is they are usually devoid of side effects and also make you healthier and help in getting rid of not only constipation but also provide better health.

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