Amla as solution for constipation during Pregnancy

There can be various reasons for constipation during pregnancy due to various reasons.  Women who are troubled by constipation during pregnancy face a lot of dilemma.  It is not possible or advisable to take many medicines safely during pregnancy and even the doctors do not prefer to prescribe too many drugs since it could have side effects on the child in the womb.

Amla is one of the great solution for constipation during pregnancy and one of the great natural remedies for constipation.

Amla is Great a boon for Pregnant Ladies

Normally pregnant ladies are have many restrictions on the drugs they can take but Amla can be taken safely not only for relieving constipation acting as mild laxative with side effects, but also as a tonic and for other conditions.

One of the best sources of vitamin C, Amla  is a really special fruit.  The best part is, its vitamin C and other nutrients does not get destroyed  even when it is dried and powdered.  Vitamin C has properties to remove infections from the body including common cold.

How Amla Prevents Constipation in Pregnant Women

Vitamin C has another property which can prevent constipation pregnant women.  Vitamin  C helps the body to absorb Iron mineral.  Usually pregnant ladies are anemic which means there is lack of sufficient Iron in the blood which causes problems in formation of hemoglobin.  Since more blood is required in pregnant ladies because of the child in womb they frequently become anemic and doctors prescribe them Iron supplements which is one of the known causes of constipation.  Since Amla contains Vitamin C in such large quantities it helps in absorption of Iron from food in a normal manner and prevents Iron deficiency.

Thus they can avoid Iron supplements to large extent and in turn avoid constipation.  In case they still need to take Iron supplement then also Amla will help in absorption of the Iron in a better manner and also act as mild laxative.  Apart from the above Amla itself is also a good source of Iron.

It calms down the body and the mind and helps  to control complications of pregnancy like feeling uneasiness and nervousness, lack of  hunger, constipation.  Amla is also full of Calcium,  Phosphorus and Iron and helps in fulfilling body’s need for these  minerals.  In pregnancy mother’s calcium from the bones is supplied to  the child it helps in forming the bones for the child.  This depletes  the calcium from the mother’s body.  Taking Amla powder regularly will  help in keeping the calcium at healthy levels for the mother and there  will not be need to take other calcium supplements.  Alma contain iron  which is constituent of the blood.

If the mother takes Amla regularly during pregnancy,  not only does it benefit the mother, it will also benefit the child and  the growth of the child in the womb becomes healthier.  The child will be healthier since the  foundation is good.  Some of the benefits of Amla are strong bones, good immune system, good hair and eyesight and memory and child gets all these benefits from the mother.

Amla in Pregnancy

In winter months Amla  fruit are available in the market and they are very cheap.  In India you can buy Amla or Amlaki fruit for only Rupees 20 to 30 per Kg which is really cheap and comes to 50 to 60 cents per Kg.  You can eat one raw Amla a day or  take the juice of one Amla.

If it is not available in fresh form at your place then you can take one tea spoon of Amla powder with milk before  going to bed.  You can also mix one to two teaspoon of Amla juice in a glass of water and drink the water.

Where Can you Buy Amla From
Usually in winters you can find Amla in the markets in India and other south asian countries however if you want it in powdered  form you can buy online from

Amla  is beneficial not only for pregnant ladies but also for the entire family from children to aged seniors.  Taking Amla regularly will keep your entire family healthy and prevent common health problems at bay.

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