Apple for Constipation Relief

Apple for Constipation ReliefMany people have a question in mind – Does apple juice help constipation?  The answer is yes. Apple is one of the fruits which is very beneficial in constipation problems.  It is one of best know natural remedies for constipation.  Apple can be taken in many forms for constipation relief.  Let us see the reason apple is beneficial and what are the different ways apple can be used.

Why Apple is Useful in Constipation

Apple can be taken either as a whole fruits or it can also be taken in form of juice or pulp.  Apple in it natural form contains fibers which help eliminate constipation.  Apples also contain lot of water.  Therefore if you take apple after the meals it will increase the water content in the intestines naturally.

Apples also contain various enzymes which improve the functionality of the intestines naturally and improve the digestion process.

How to Take Apples for Constipation Relief

Apple can be taken in multiple forms and each one is beneficial.  It is important that you wash the apples properly before eating.

1. Whole Fruit – Take the apple raw and eat it along with the skin.  Taking an apple or two every day will provide you many benefits including constipation relief, improved digestion, required minerals and food fibers.  Recent scientific studies have shown that apple is also good for treating Alzheimer and cancer.  Apple when taken regularly repair the neurons of the brain which help people suffering from Alzheimer.

2. Apple Juice – Apple juice has been found to be equally good for babies as well as elderly people.  Apple juice not only helps in constipation but also provide them strength and energy.  It also has many minerals and can also help pregnant mothers since it fulfills iron needs.  Home juice is better than the ones available in the market and you should have it fresh else it will oxidize.  Include the skin of the apple while making the juice for added benefits.

3. Apple Pulp – Apple pulp is also very healthy food option for both babies and elderly.  Giving this regularly to babies will make them not only healthy but they will also not face constipation.  Take an apple, and boil in slow heat in around 1 glass of water.  When the water become half in quantity,  take out the apple and mash it in a mixer.  For taste you can add litter black pepper or teaspoon of sugar.  This can be breakfast for the babies.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar – When apple juice is fermented in a specific manner it gets converted to apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar is a good home remedy for constipation and it can be taken regularly 1 tablespoon in around 400 ml of water 2 times a day.


If you suffer from diabetes then you should consult doctor before taking apple since it contain natural sugar which may increase the blood sugar levels.

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