Are Cold Drinks or Soda Bad for Digestion

Cold drinks or soda is one of the commonest drinks consumed by millions of people.  In  fact many people take more soda than water.  In America we can see many people would would fill large glass of soda in the morning and consume it till afternoon and then again refill it in afternoon.  Kids are also getting used to cold drinks at very young age and parents think nothing of it.

Cold drinks are so readily available in all restaurants and fast food outlets that it is difficult to avoid it.  The packaging is available in all the attractive colors and design that people are attracted towards them.  If only they knew the harmful effects on their health they would be avoiding it.

Let us see what are some of the bad effects of cold drinks on digestion.

Well, the problem starts with the teeth which is the first organ we use for eating.  Cold drinks can cause serious damage to your teeth.  How?  Simple, cold drinks contain very high levels of sugar and acid.  In fact the acidity levels of cold drinks is similar to vinegar and to hide that sugar is mixed.  A 12 ounce can of Coca Cola contains 39 grams of sugar as per the labels in the package.  Just imagine if you have just 10 of them you would end of consuming 400 grams of sugar.

This deadly combination of sugar and acidity also takes part in other harmful activities including obesity and sluggish digestion.  If you drink one coke a day for one year it is estimated that you would gain 18 pounds.  Another issue is many of the cold drink also contain high dose of potassium which can cause problems for kidney disease patients.

Cold drinks can also interfere with the working of medicines and antibiotics due to its high acidic content.  The sugar in the soda also interferes with the enzymes and hormones which help in digestion of the food.  Sugar also damages the pancreas.  Role of pancreas is very important in digestion since it releases digestive juices and enzymes to the semi digested food.  High sugar content which is consumed by those who take cold drinks regularly damages the pancreas, hence in the long run severely decreases the digestion capabilities and also causes the deadly silent disease known as diabetes.

Another reason cold drinks are bad is they are consumed chilled.  When you take chilled drink it will reduce the temperature of the stomach and reduce the digestive ability of the body.  When the digestion becomes sluggish the chances of constipation increase.  As we can see cold drinks play havoc to your digestive and overall health and you pay a heavy price.  Instead of cold drinks it would be great just to have lot of water daily. Water is one of the natural remedies for constipation. That way you can avoid problems of constipation and other ailments.

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