Avacados for Healthy Heart and Digestion

Avacados are fruits which are gaining popularity by the day.  Avacados have multiple health benefits and you can consider this fruit as an option on your dining table on a regular basis.

Avacado contains various minerals but the most prominent mineral is Potassium.  It contains this mineral in significantly higher quantity than Bananas which are good source of this mineral also.  Potassium intake reduce high blood pressure and keep the arteries healthy and helps us safe from cardio vascular diseases.  It can also save us from stoke.

Further more Avacados also contain folic acid which reduce the chances of heart diseases significantly.  Women who are pregnant also benefit from taking this fruit because of it high folic acid content.

Another strong argument for avocado health benefits is the oil acid, which is also found in olive oil. This is one of the healthiest fats and, corresponding to science, it prevents breast cancer and heart diseases. If the cholesterol gives you trouble, the avocado healthy fats can completely remove the problem.

Avacados are full of fat but that is mono saturated fats which are supposed to be the good fat.  Eating Avacados routinely reduces bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and increases good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and this help further in maintaining a good heart condition.

Avacados have also been seen to be useful for fighting Cancer.  They contain carotenoids which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and thus help in preventing their spread.  They also contain Oleic Acid which can help in fighting breast cancer.

Avacados for Digestion

avocadoAvacados are a natural source of fibers.  As we know, fibers are essential in the digestion and elimination process.  Including Avacado in the meals regularly helps in getting the fiber in a natural manner and keep the digestive system healthy.  The fat in this fruit also keeps the intestines lubricated and helps in keeping the bowels cleared.

Avacados is one of the natural remedies for constipation and if you include more fruits in your diet everyday then you would be able to notice that not only is the constipation under control but you are also in a overall healthy condition.

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