Bael Fruit for Stomach and Digestive Diseases

Bael Fruit is a tropical fruit and it is extremely useful in curing many diseases of the stomach.  This tree is found through our South Asia and its fruit is a very popular fruit.  This fruit has religious significance also since it is believed that this fruit is the favorite fruit of lord Shiva.  Its leaves are also used in worshiping lord Shiva.  Bael is useful in treating many diseases.  In this article let us observe what are the health benefits of Bael fruit which is also known as shrifal which means holy fruit in Sankrit.

Bael for Constipation Cure

Some common uses of Bael in Digestive Diseases and Health Problems

Stomach Diseases – It can cure both constipation and diarrhea.  If you have constipation then take the pulp, strain it, and add sugar and milk and make a smoothie.  This will act as a mild laxative and cure constipation.  In case you have diarrhea then take it with yogurt or curd.  This fruit also cure dysentery which can cause fluid loss and many time results in death of patients if they are not careful.

For Colic pain and all problems of stomach take the raw bael fruit and dry it in the sun and make powder and keep it.  You can have it with water and it is really effective.  There is a Ayurvedic mixture called Billavadi Churna which contains this and you can buy online if you suffer from colic pain frequently.

The smoothie prepared is also useful for people recovering from stomach infections as it also has some antibiotic properties and removes bacteria from the intestinal linings.

Other uses of this fruit and tree includes treatment of asthma and malaria.  This also provides strength and keeps the stomach and the body cool in the summers and prevents the side effects of heat wave in the body.  Thus in the summers it can be used to keep the body healthy and escape from diseases which are common in that season.

Another effective health benefit of in too much bleeding and white discharge in ladies.  They can take the core of the fruit with dried ginger powder known as sonth in Ayurveda for curing stomach cramps and menstrual problems also.

This powder or the bael fruit sorbet also remove bad smell from the body.  In fact if you take the juice of bael leave with water for 40 days you will have a fragrance of bael fruit from your body.

For Ear related problems you can take Bael leaves and boil in mustard oil and then cool it.  Put few drops in the ear to get rid of ear related problems.

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