Benefits and Side Effects of Isabgol

Isabgol which is another name for psyllium which is a natural fiber and it is used as a laxative for constipation cure. Isabgol is one of the most favored natural laxatives since it is bulk producing and mostly inert laxative. It is also not absorbed in the body but acts as a catalyst. For more information on isabgol you can read Isabgol for Constipation Relief.  There can be several benefits and few things to be careful about Isabgol which we should know about.

Benefits of Isabgol

Isabgol is most commonly used for constipation but it also has several other benefits –

  1. It helps in weight loss and control by reducing the absorption of fats and glucose.
  2. It makes the stool easier to pass by making it soft.  People with piles are able to pass the stool without difficulty.
  3. If Isabgol is taken with curd it can control diarrhea, dysentery or loose motions
  4. Isabgol lowers cholesterol significantly by preventing absorbtion of cholesterol in the blood and hence it also reduces risk of heart diseases.
  5. Diabetes patients also are benefited since it regulates the blood glucose levels and insulin
  6. Isabgol cleans old and sticky feces from the intestines and therefore helps in elimination chronic constipation and toxins from the body.
  7. Since it is not absorbed by the body thus it does not interfere with other medications and there are no harmful side effects also.

Possible Side Effects of Isabgol

As in case of any thing else, you should be careful in certain conditions while taking isabgol.  They are mentioned below.

If you have intestinal or stomach ulcer you should avoid isabgol or other laxatives as they can aggravate the ulcer.  Similarly if you have colic pain or hernia then also it is advisable to talk to doctor before taking isabgol.  If you have had prior surgery of the abdominal organs then also you should consult the doctor before taking this.

Some people can also suffer from allergy from the isabgol husk dust.  It is advisable to take isabgol in small quantities to  see if there is any allergic reaction.  If you are allergic then avoid isabgol to prevent complications.

In some rare cases there can be choking of esophagus or intestines due to isabgol.  Take more water when you take isabgol since it absorbs water from the body. Taking more water will reduce the risk of choking to minimum and also keep the husk soft.

How to Buy Isabgol

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