Can Diabetes Cause Constipation?

Many people with Diabetes complain about constipation also.  In fact constipation is a major complaint of diabetic patients, but usually it is ignored, because other side effects of diabetes are thought to be more serious.  Most people do not think twice about whether their constipation could be caused by diabetes but it is a fact that there is a direct relationship between diabetes and constipation.

Here is what one patient said –

I had very bad constipation before I was diagnosed with diabetes. Since I have my BG levels under control, the constipation has gotten much better, only a small problem now.

Here is what another patient says –

I couldn’t figure out why I was always so constipated and the only thing that helped was milk of magnesia.

What are the Reasons for Diabetes Constipation?

There are many researches which are going on the effects of diabetes on the body.  One of the reasons identified have been a condition call autonomic neuropathy.  In this condition parts of peripheral nervous system nerves are damaged.  Diabetes causes damage to the nerves.  You may have heard that eyes are also affected by diabetes.  The reason is diabetes damages the nerves of the eyes as well as the blood vessels supplying blood to the organs.

When you suffer from Diabetes for a long time the sugar in the blood cannot enter the cells and starts depositing on the walls of the blood vessels.  This makes blood vessels inflexible and inefficient.  Blood cannot reach all parts of the organs properly, you feel tired, and also develop risk of heart attacks.  The nerves cannot function properly also which causes neuropathy.

When this damage happens to the digestive system nerves, they lose their abilities severely.  This causes the intestines not being able to function properly and hence causes decreases food mobility which leads to diabetes constipation.

If you suffer from chronic constipation for quite some time, it would be advisable to get yourself checked for blood sugar and diabetes, and in the unfortunate case if you are suffering from diabetes, it would be appropriate that you control your diabetes so that you would also be able free from other diseases such as constipation.

Though constipation can be caused by many reasons also apart from diabetes, it would be best to get a full check-up to ensure that you are not suffering from diabetes so that you are saved from many other complications also like potential blindness and kidney failure. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

One of the best ways to control diabetes is to take the medicines and start decreasing the carbohydrates intake. You should also start exercise regularly for around 30 minutes and start taking Methi seeds. For more information read the article Methi Seeds (Fenugreek) for Constipation Cure.

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