Castor Oil For Constipation Relief

One of the naturally found alternatives for relieving constipation is Castor Oil. Castor oil is being used since ages for this purpose. In fact just till 30 years back it was quite common in India, for children to be given one or two spoon of Castor oil once or twice a month in the evening. Even if the children hated it, elders made sure that it was compulsorily given to them. It helped in cleaning up their entire system and completely detoxifying them. This also improved the overall health and immunity of the child and prevented many diseases including constipation.

Castor Oil for Constipation

Castor oil contains multiple kinds of fatty acids including ricinoleic acid, oleic acid among others. This oil has the ability to inhibit bacterial and viral growth in the body, and therefore is useful in treating multiple disease conditions.

This oil is pale yellow in color, with a mild odor and unpleasant taste.

Castor oil falls in stimulant category of laxatives.  When castor oil is taken, it stimulates bile production from the gall bladder and the liver. This creates a soap like effect inside the intestines and makes the content of the bowel greasier and similar to using soap which produces lather and help in cleaning the clothes.

Castor oil is a very effective natural laxative, which can induce bowel movement.  When castor oil is taken, it stimulates the intestine and intestine tries to throw out the contents.  Castor oil forms a layer of oil in the intestine which prevents exchange of water between the water and the food in the bowel.  Therefore by reducing the moisture absorption from the food to the intestines, it keeps the stool remains soft and easier to eliminate.  The oil layer also helps in making the intestinal lining smoother.

The stool passes away easily and smoothly.  Little high dosage can cause temporary diarrhea which is good if you are having constipation for a long time as all the bad elements which get stuck to the intestine for a long time are eliminated.   The dosage should be taken in proper guidance, though 1 to 2 spoons are generally safe.

Another benefit of taking castor oil is its effectiveness in removing worms and parasites from the stomach.  Parasites can be one of the reasons for constipation and taking castor oil removes worms from the intestines thus helping in providing constipation relief in an indirect manner.

If you want to make it more palatable you can take it mixed with orange or prune juice to make it more edible and reduce the unpleasantness.  This can be taken safely once a month or every 15 days.  This prevents from it becoming a habit.

In general it should be taken on the weekend night so that body gets proper rest and time to recover the next day.  Eat lightly so that the body can recover easily.

Other Benefits of Castor Oil

1. Apart from constipation, Castor oil is useful for detoxification of the body. Is is useful in multiple skin diseases like pigmentation, arthritis, rheumatism, hair loss problem, and menstrual disorders.
2. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
3. Castor oil can also be used for massaging and when it is massaged on the joints it lubricates them reduces inflammation of the joints and reduces pain and swelling associated with arthritis.  Apply castor oil everyday on bad knees and soon you would find that you are able to walk properly and knees would be able to take more weight and become healthier.
4. Massaging castor oil also makes the skin soft by penetrating the surface layers and nourishes the skin as it also contains minerals.  Because of the way castor oil helps in keeping the skin healthy, it is used in many anti aging products which are very expensive, where as castor oil is a very cheap and effective option available.
5. If you are not able to have proper sleep or suffer from insomnia, before sleeping rub castor oil on the soles of the feet and wear a loose stocking or pajama.  You would have a great sleep.  You feet would also become soft and healthy.
6. If you have dry hair or want to bring luster to your hair start applying castor oil.  You can mix it with almond oil and it will make your hair shiny and also helps people with regrowth of hair if the hairline is thinning.

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