Cold Water Enema and Hot Water Enema

Enema is a treatment which helps to clean the large intestines and the colon from the residual material which is become sticky and sticks to the intestinal or colon wall.  Enema is useful in many problems like constipation, detoxification of the body and prevention of piles and damaged hemorrhoids.  if you want to know how to take enema you can read Benefit of Enema.

Basically enema involves pushing water into the colon and large intestines through the anus and it washes out the sticky material from the intestines and the colon.  For enema, both hot and cold water are used based on the need.  Let us the what is the difference between these two types of enema and what are the reasons or benefits involved.

Hot Water Enema

In case of hot water enema the water temperature should be around 3 to 4 degrees Celsius above body temperature which will be around 41 degrees Celsius or  110 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the temperature is more than this then it can cause burn injuries in the colon and other internal organs as these are very sensitive and does not have enough protection against heat.

Hot water enema provides relief from pain in various organs like colon, hemorrhoids and rectum and abdominal pain.  Hot water enema also helps in expelling gas in the intestines.  This also loosens feces in the colon and intestines and expels them.

Cold Water Enema

In this kind of enema colder water around 18 to 20 degrees Celsius is used.  This kind of enema is useful in reducing body heat and fever.  Many diseases like constipation, migraine and acne are caused by body heat and cold water enema helps in curing these conditions.

Cold water enema should should not be held in the stomach for long time since it can cause cramps.

Some of the treatment variation gradually reduces the temperature of the water used and also the quantity used.  It starts with hot water the first days and goes on for around 2 weeks and uses water of around 20 degrees Celsius towards the last days.

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