Common Causes of Constipation

Many people suffer from constipation and keep on going for laxatives and then after few days they again fall prey to constipation. They would then again go for laxatives and it become quite endless and in the end it develops in to chronic constipation. If you are aware of the reasons behind the chronic constipation you can avoid this problem. Here are some common reasons for constipation.

1. Diabetes – Diabetes can cause constipation by affecting the nerves of your digestive system and making the muscles of the stomach and intestines weak and hence the involuntary peristaltic movements are difficult to start for the body. Although it is not very commonly known but it is a very common for diabetic patient to continuously suffer from constipation.

2. Worms in the Stomach – Worms or parasites in the stomach can also cause constipation since they can bleed the intestines and make the muscles weaker. They also sometimes block the passage when present in large quantities. You can take papaya which can kill the worms in the stomach and hence solve this problem.

3. Old Cough – Very old and persistent cough when present in the body can get started deposited in the intestines and get stuck to the intestinal walls. This makes the intestinal walls inflexible and it restricts their movements. Since cough can be sticky they can also block the other food in the bowels to restricts them move freely while being eliminated.

4. Neurapathy – Neuropathy is another disease of the nerves which also makes the nerves which control the digestive weaker and makes the digestion lethargic.

5. Jaundice – Jaundice is a disease of the liver due to infection. Since the liver is infected the bile is not produced properly. Bile is an essential element which is required for digestion. If you are suffering from Jaundice apart from the medicines you should take boiled food without spices and oil.

6. Gout – Gout, like neuropathy and diabetes acts on the nerves and cause digestive problems.

7. Travel – Long distance traveling can be cause of constipation and many other health problems.  During traveling you can take some simple steps to avoid this problem like taking small frequent food.  For more information see how to avoid travel related constipation.

Other reasons for constipation includes old age and pregnancy which cause many complications.

For many of the above problems you can use methi or Fenugreek.  Fenugreek or methi relieves constipation, cure gout and also old cough and diabetes.  So if you suffer from constipation methi is one of the most beneficial herbs to go for.  You can also go for amla triphala herb for constipation relief which  since this can also be taken during pregnancy.

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