Constipation Can Cause Obesity

Obesity is one of the most obsessed terms in the world today. If we look anywhere we usually see some advertisement which talks about magic solution for reducing obesity. Some talk about a magic diet or pill which can help you to reduce weight in couple of weeks and some other talk about helping in reducing weight using some very simple set of exercise equipment. These advertisements are so designed that they will lure you into buying something which is least likely to help you.

However that is besides the point. In this article we want to discuss if there is a relation between obesity and constipation. Can constipation cause obesity?  The answer is Yes.

What is Obesity?

Obesity in simple terms is excess of fat deposited in the body. The fatty tissues are body’s store house of energy.  Fats are stored in the body for dealing with emergency situation.  Since the days of human evolution the procurement of food was unpredictable.  Our ancestors were likely to go without food for long periods of time when they were not able to find any food. At that time the energy stored in the body in form of fat was used to provide the body, energy to survive and keep it warm and moving.

Another situation where the store body fat is used is in cases of emergency like sudden need to react or run away from danger of fighting the danger.

The days of caveman are long gone and in most developed countries there is no shortage of food.  Most people also do not have to deal with emergency at in physical terms like combat or running away.  However the food habits have changed and the food is available in abundance.  We eat lots of seeds and grains like wheat and the food is prepared in thousands of different manner.

We tend to eat as much as we can and still the taste buds are not satisfied.  The tongue wants more food and we have the cravings which encourages us to have more food. We fry the food more so that it is tastier, we bake it more so that it is crispier and homogenize the milk and then pasteurize it so that it will not spoil for days.  We also add different kinds of chemical flavors so that food is more savory.

In the days of cavemen our ancestors used to have food before darkness and since they did not have anything to do they were asleep soon.  We tend to take food well in the evenings and also sleep late after watching the late night movies.

All these lifestyle changes take a huge toll on the body and the society.  Causing many problems like constipation, indigestion, acidity, high blood pressure and leading to grave diseases like heart attacks and cancers.

New Lifestyle Leads to Constipation and Constipation Leads to Obesity

There are few ways which you would need to understand how the new lifestyle is leading to constipation.  We are now having food to which our intestines and digestive system is not ready to handle.  For example we have grains like wheat which contain proteins which are designed to resist from the seed being eaten.

Every organism’s nature is to ensure that the next generation survives.  Grains like wheat are no different.  They try to ensure that they are not eaten.  For this they contains certain elements in the coating which is harmful for the animal which consumes it.  That is the reason you would find that many people are allergic to wheat.

Many people will not face any obvious side effects and the reason is their digestive system is more equipped to handle the protein, but internally it still affects them gradually.

Similarly when the food is deep fried it breaks down the food into different form of fats and proteins which is difficult for the digestive system to break down and eliminate.  Many people do not exercise much which make their digestion and elimination even more slower.

Constipation and Obesity

As the digestion and elimination slows down the person starts getting constipated.  The food somehow does not move fast enough towards the colon and ultimately to the rectum for elimination. The foods sticks to the intestines which try to absorb maximum nutrients and energy from the food in to the body.

In the night the body tries to do many house cleaning stuff including like removing the toxins from the blood and the body with the help of Liver and Kidneys.  For that it is necessary that there is nothing to digest and breakdown. When we eat more deep fried food and that too late in the evening the digestion process is also extended and the body is not house cleaned.

The digestion is slower in the night you will will have more chances of constipation when you eat too late into the night.  When the constipation happens the food is attached to the intestines sticking there.  So the body keeps absorbing the energy from the partially digested food and that leads to obesity if the food is high in calorie.

Another way constipation and obesity is linked is the fact that body burns the stored body fat late in the night.   Body utilizes the stored energy and converts into the blood sugar so that we can have energy several hours after we have food especially in the early morning between 2 am to 6 am.  However when we are constipation body keeps on absorbing the energy from the food sticking to the intestines and due to this the stored body fat is not metabolized into energy.

In fact the opposite happens where in the more fat is gradually added to the already stored fatty tissues and we can keep on getting obese more and more.

Solution to Obesity Caused By Constipation

The simplest solution is to take food early in the evening.  This way you get more time to digest the food and body will be able to burn the stored fat.  Also take simpler food such as fruits and veggies which are not deep fried.  Boiled or slightly cooked vegetables and meat with less oil are the best way to reduce constipation problems.  Take the heaviest meal in the afternoon so that your body can take the full benefit of the food and also get time to digest the food.

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