Constipation Caused by Solar Plexus Displacement

Our body has many energy centers which are in line with the spinal cord and they are known as chakras. There are seven chakras starting from the tail bone to the brain. As a person become more spiritual and able to concentrate more on spiritual side, the energy rises through these chakras and it ultimately reaches the brain.

One of the chakras is known as Manipur chakra and it resides near the naval region also known as solar plexus. The Solar Plexus or the manipur chakra is associated with raw emotions, like anger, frustration, fear and nervousness. If this chakra is disturbed the balance can get displaced which can cause many problems like nervousness, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation and many other problems. Since solar plexus is associated with emotions, the displacement can also lead to emotional problems and increased sensitivity and crankiness.

This chakra also controls the working of upper digestive tracts and digestive functions. If this is disturbed you can suffer from indigestions, constipation and upset stomach and cramps. There have been several cases of patients suffering from stomach pain and constipation and doctors being unable to do anything to control or cure the problem.  Later it was discovered that the patient was suffering from displaced solar plexus and when it was corrected the problems disappeared.  Displacement can also cause hernia and other problems like persistent stomach pain while nothing can be noticed in sonography also.

When solar plexus is disturbed it also makes the person nervous and when this persists for a long time the nerves of the body and the digestive tract become weak and it can cause the digestive organs to either under perform or over perform.

The sensitivity of the intestines change depending on the direction in which displacement has happened.  The intestines do not have sufficient sensitivity for a regular peristaltic activity.  If the displacement of the navel is upwards constipation is caused and if the displacement is downwards diarrhea is caused.  If the peristaltic movement is less it can cause constipation and if it is over active it can cause diarrhea.

In our opinion many cases of IBS could actually be due to solar plexus displacement and if they are brought under control IBS Constipation can also be controlled.

How to find out if Solar Plexus if Disturbed

Hold both the hands side by side with the heart line on the same line and the little fingers joined together and the palms facing yourself.  If the upper line on the last joints of the little fingers do not match then it shows that the solar plexus is disturbed.

How to Cure Solar Plexus Displacement

1. Ask the patient to lie on the back and put a small burning oil lamp on the navel and cover tightly with a glass.   Once the air inside the glass burns out it will create a vacuum. This vacuum will pull back the the Solar Plexus to its original position. Lift the glass from one side after around a minute.  Same should be repeated three to four times till the throbbing is felt near the navel.

2. Stand on the edge of a bed facing the bed on the toes only and jump to the floor landing on your toes only.  This will put pressure on the toes and it can balance the shifting.

3. Lie down on your back, keep the arms on the sides and the head on the ground without pillow.  With exhalation, lift both the legs and bring them up to 90° from the ground as shown in the figure.   Stay for few seconds in this position and then with exhalation bring the legs as slowly as possible towards the ground keeping them straight.

Make sure that you do not lift your head  from the ground. Repeat the same five to six times and feel the throbbing near the navel region.

4.  Ask the patient lie down on a flat surface on the back. Join the feet together. One of the toes would be lower than the other one. Hold the toe which is lower with one hand and pull the toe while holding the foot with the other hand. Pull it two or three times. Do it twice or thrice a day.   This is also quite effective method but requires practice.

How to Prevent Solar Plexus Displacement

  • Do not lift heavy weight.
  • Do not try to suppress your emotions and feelings too much.
  • Do not engage in too heavy exercise when you body is not ready for it.
  • Avoid gas and acidity.
  • Practice yoga poses as it can remove weakness of intestines.
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