Constipation Cure With 5 Delicious Fruits

Millions of people suffer from constipation, and the most usual route is to take laxatives. As discussed, in previous articles, there may be multiple reasons for constipation.

Fruits can be really effective in tackling constipation issues naturally and there are many fruits which can help in constipation cure. If taken regularly they will not only take care of bowel health but also help in meeting your nutrition requirements.  Taking fruits in your diet would help cure constipation naturally and hence gives we reduce the dependency on external medicines.  To know more about the various natural remedies for constipation read Natural Constipation Remedies.

In general increasing fruits in our diet improves overall health and reduces the scope of taking junk food.  We have seen with many people that just including fruits as one of the meals or breakfast lead to rapid weight reduction for overweight people.

Ensure that fruits are taken in raw form since this will provide the maximum benefits. When we take the juice the pulp is missing which reduces the benefits.

Here are few fruits which can be beneficial in constipation.

Figs for Constipation Cure

Figs for constipation cureTakes 5 dried figs before bed time soaked in milk or water. Taking is at night will ensure clear motion in the morning.  Figs also help in improving the immune system, cure sexual weakness and contains various vitamins like vitamin B1 and B2, minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium etc.  From the perspective of naturopathy treatment, the minerals as supplement are part of the treatment for constipation.

Apple for Constipation Cure

Apple for Constipation CureApples increase the digestive power plus also contain roughage which helps in constipation. For maximum benefit take it before meal and with the skin.  You can read the article Apple for constipation relief.

Bael for Constipation Cure

Bael for Constipation CureBael fruit is a native of India and used for its laxative properties for thousands of years. It also improves the health of intestines and helps them function better. Usually the pulp is extracted and the seeds are removed. The pulp is then mixed with milk and sugar and taken in semi liquid form.

Guava for Constipation Cure

guava for constipation cure

Guava is a great fruit for constipation relief when eaten in raw form instead of just juice. One or two guavas eaten daily will relieve constipation since it created roughage in the intestines.  Guava also has other health benefits about which you can have more information at Health benefits of Guava.

Oranges for Constipation Cure

Oranges for Constipation Cure

Oranges include pulp which contain fibers. Apart from that Oranges help in secretion of digestive juices which helps in constipation relief.  Oranges are also full of Vitamin C, anti oxidants, and many minerals like Potassium and Calcium. For more information on various benefits of oranges read the article Benefits of Oranges in Constipation

Fruits are one of the best natural remedies for constipation and kids can be encouraged to have them from very young age.  Fruits provide all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in their natural form and also provide food fiber.  Mix and rotate the fruits in the diet. Some days you can go for Guava while on other breakfasts include Oranges. Doing this will provide you all the benefits you are seeking from including fruits in your diet.

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