Constipation Remedy with Probiotics

Probiotics are opposite of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria in our bodies which are usually taken with prescription. When we suffer from infections in various body parts doctors prescribe us antibiotics to fight the harmful bacteria. Similarly there are some beneficial bacteria in our body which are required to carry out many functions of the body in the proper manner. When these bacteria disappear from our body many body functions do not work properly therefore there is a direct relation between antibiotics and constipation. These useful and beneficial bacteria are then introduced in the body through supplements and they are called Probiotics. Usually probiotics help the most in digestive disorders like gas, bloating, constipation and indigestion.

One of the probiotics called lactobacillus acidophilus, are live microbial organisms that are naturally present in our digestive tract. Apart from protecting in the above mentioned disorders they are also useful by improving the immune system, provide a protective coating in the intestines and fight with harmful bacteria and hence promote our health.

Many studies have been done on effects of probiotics on people of various age groups and there are evidence that it can help in maintaining a good digestive system and also help in dealing with constipation.  One of the probiotics is Lactobacillus casei Shirota which  is a strain of useful bacteria.  When this was administered to people with chronic constipation it gave significant benefits.  It made the bowels regular and corrected the consistency of the stool.

When this same study was done on children it was found that this probiotic did not help much in cases of constipation in children.  The reason for this is this strain is naturally present in most people in young age, but later it may get destroyed with age or due the effect of many medicines and antibiotics we take.   The study noticed that laxatives were as effective as the pro-biotic in case of children.  One of the reasons that we may have loose motions while taking antibiotics is these antibiotics may kill the beneficial strains of bacteria also.

So if you feeling that your digestive system has become weaker and you frequently face the trouble of constipation then you can go for some good and reputed probiotics.  Many people take probiotics regularly and receive good benefits.  If the first few doses of the probiotics give good benefit then you may want to continue taking this to ensure good digestive health.

How to Buy Pro-biotics

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