Constipation Remedies For Toddlers

Toddlers are in one of the most active phases of their life and they usually have a lot of energy and very active through out the day.  Compared to them adults have more passive lifestyle.  Usually adults are more likely to suffer from diseases such as constipation when compared with kids, but there are still many cases of toddlers suffering from constipation.  In this post let us look at the reasons and the  various constipation remedies for toddlers.

The question which could come to your mind is why do toddlers suffer from constipation?  What are the possible reasons behind this problems and what are the reasons for constipation in children and the various constipation remedies for children?  We would address both these questions further in this article.

It is important to know even more about the causes of constipation in toddlers and kids since they suffer a lot.  Apart from stomach ache, uneasiness and lack of hunger, constipation can also cause the stool to get hardened which will make it harder to eliminate the stool and cause injury to rectum and colon.  This will also create a fear in the minds of kids and they may start avoiding going to the loo.

Let us try to understand the reasons behind constipation in toddlers.  Once you understand the most likely causes of constipation in your kid you would be able to take the right decisions to control this problem.

Possible Reasons For Toddler Constipation

Constipation can be caused by many factors in toddlers but many of them are related to some bad habits on the part of both kids and the moms or parents who feed them.  Here are some of the reasons –

1. Ready Made Food – Many times due to business or in an effort to finish feeding faster moms resort to ready made food available in the market.  These may not be suited to the needs of your baby and suit the toddlers body constitution and result in constipation since they are not able to digest that properly.  The baby foods available in the stores are all pre processed and contain preservatives which is not good for young kids.

2. Lack of Chewing Habit – Many kids develop bad eating habits due to which they do not chew the food properly.  Infact some of the kids do not chew at all and try to gulp down the food.  The reason behind the bad habit is ready made food or food which is given in paste form to the kids.

Since mother find that kids easily eat food in paste form they try to always feed food in paste form.  Kids then do not need to chew this food and do not develop the chewing habit.  Chewing is essential to proper digestion and elimination of food.

3. Allergy to Dairy – Many kids have allergy to dairy and milk products.  Since milk and milk based food are essential food in many homes for kids, if the kid is allergic to dairy it can cause constipation.  Check if you kid is allergic to dairy by eliminating dairy products for few days and if it makes a difference then you should ignore dairy.

4. Insufficient Fluid Intake – Toddlers and kids often do not ask for water unless they are too thirsty.  Parents need to make them drink water more frequently and at regular intervals.  Doing this will fulfill the fluid requirements of the body and they would less likely to develop constipation.

5. Supplements and Medications – Side effect of many medication could be constipation.  for example in anemic kid constipation can happen due to Iron supplements.  Similarly fever and cough can also cause constipation.

Constipation Remedies and Treatment For Toddlers

Some simple tips can help your kids in avoiding constipation.  Here are few of the simple options available to you.

1. More Home Made Food – Start giving more home made food to your kid and not food in paste form.  You can add semi boiled vegetables and fruits to your kids’ food.  When more vegetables and fruits are given to toddlers they will learn to eat various kinds of food and would also learn to chew the food.  Vegetables and fruits are the  excellent way to cure constipation and they are really good natural remedies for constipation.

Vegetable and fruits also supply natural food fiber essential for digestion and avoiding constipation and also add nutritional value.  Once you add more vegetables and fruits you would see that occurrence of constipation comes down naturally.

2. Make Toddlers Play More – Parents should make the kids more active by encouraging them to be more playful and engaging them in outdoor activities.  Discourage your kid from watching too much of television since they may become addicted to it and physical activity will be reduced.  When your kid is more active physically he will be able to avoid many diseases including constipation.

3. Apple and Prune Juice – Both apples and prunes are excellent for solving constipation problem.  You can give kids preferably home made apple juice and prune juice.  Both these juices contain natural enzymes which can ease constipation.  You can feed one boiled apple every day.  As mentioned above start giving water in more regular interval also.

4. Encourage Regular Toilet Habit – Try to ensure that kids go to toilet around the same time everyday.  This will create a habit and it has been observed in many studies that kids with regular toilet habit are less likely to suffer from constipation.

5. Suppositories – For kids who are suffering from constipation, suppositories are many times recommended since they solve the constipation very quickly and force the kid to pass the stool.  Many times kids who have been going through constipation and not being able to pass the stool for many days, do not pass the stool since it hurts them.  Suppositories make them quickly go to the toilet.   However if you notice that kid needs the suppositories with increasing frequency then you should talk to your doctor.

The above constipation remedies are also useful for infants but you may need to make certain adjustment like reduced dosage of juice or consulting your doctor before giving any outside food or juice as infant’s digestive system may not be ready yet.

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