Cow Urine Therapy for Curing Diseases

Cow urine is a therapy which is not that well known in most parts of the world but those who have benefited from it will vouch for it efficacy any day.  This therapy is an ancient therapy which was prevalent in many parts of India has a history of thousands of years.  This therapy is being used since the ancient times which is known as Vedic era  for treating various diseases.

Cow, particularly the native Indian species is considered a pure animal and she is worshiped and revered by Hindus.  Although it may look and sound superstitious but if we just consider its benefits as a medicine then also the benefits are obvious.   Cow urine contains all the important minerals like Iron, Phosphate, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Ammonia, Copper, Urea, Uric Acid, Sodium, Manganese, Potassium, Manganese and Calcium etc.  Apart from the minerals the urine also contains various salts, various vitamins like A, B, C, D, E.  When one compound contains all the elements, minerals, salts and the enzymes it becomes a potent medicine and tonic for life.

Many diseases can be cured easily with in fact thousands of people can vouch for this potent therapy.  Many patients with cancer have also benefited from this therapy and got cured from the dreaded disease.  Many serious diseases like bone and joint pain, male sexual disorders, diabetes and several other incurable diseases can be cured with cow urine. Diseases such as constipation can be cured easily and it can be considered as natural constipation cure,  since this medicine detoxifies your body, sets all the body organs and systems in order so the diseases of the body go away easily.

Cow urine can also be used as solution for paralysis by massaging the body and if you massage it in sunlight for around two to three months your body will regain its energy, strength and sensation.  Similarly for hair loss you can rub it in the scalp for few weeks before bath to see the benefits.

If you have a repelling feeling about taking urine in your body, just think about how thousands of drugs are created out of blood of other animals, thousands of animals killed in the labs to make you well like oil from the liver of Cod fish.  When you consider the fact that cow is not hurt and the urine is just refined for the medicinal purpose isn’t it wonderful.

Cow urine is usually taken in the morning with empty stomach so that it can get absorbed in the body easily.  Cow urine usually contains a pungent smell and little irritation of the throat when you drink it.  To overcome that you can mix it with water or some juice.  Now a days it is also available in the form of pills which makes it easier to take it.  You can also buy this online and one of the pioneers in the research are Jain Cow urine Therapy center which is in Indore India.

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