Diet for Constipation Relief

When we suffer from diseases many times the solution may not be as complex as we think it to be.  For example if you face constipation regularly is it possible to use diet for constipation relief?  To answer this question let us look at the following questions.

Do you face the problem of chronic constipation, which reoccurs too frequently?  If yes, do you keep on resorting to laxatives again and again? Taking laxative gives relief but only temporarily, and then does it again go back to similar problem after some time again?  If yes then it may be time to look for some other solution.   If answers to all theses questions are yes then, may be it is time to look for some other solution.

Sometimes when we face health issues the solution to these problems may hide is what we eat.  What we eat gives rise to many of the diseases and similarly what we eat or do not eat may also be the cure for many diseases.  Similarly constipation can also be controlled by the food we eat.  There are many good foods for constipation relief.  Let us have a look at diet for constipation relief and cure.

General Rule About Foods

The basic thumb rule is simpler the food, easier will it be for our bodies to digest it and eliminate it.  Simpler diet also ensure that less amount of toxins enters our bodies and thus the body remains clean and healthy.  When there are less toxins in the body, our bodies can also clean and remove it easily.

When we eat foods which generate toxins, for example junk foods,  the toxins keep on building in out bodies.  When toxins are in more quantity our bodies cannot eliminate the toxins efficiently and they keep on building up.  If you eat clean food toxins are generated in less quantity and hence body remains clean.

More toxins make all the organs lethargic, gives rise to diseases of the skin, increase blood pressure and causes constipation by reducing the functioning of the Liver, Gall bladder and the intestines.

Usually fasting is a good solution for constipation since it detoxifies the body.  If you fast once a week then you can keep your body detoxified to a large extent.  If you cannot go for total fasting then you can go for juice fasting also.

Drinking different kinds of juices through out the days will also flush out various toxins from the body.  In case of juice fasting you should do it during weekends since you may need to go to the toilet many times.  If you cannot do juice fasting then the least you can do is taking lemon juice with warm water in the morning.  You can take two glasses of warm lemon juice in the morning and again in the evening.  Here is an article Lemon juice for constipation relief which explains the benefits of lemon juice in more details.

For a week you can do the following –

Start with warm water of lemon juice in the morning.  Avoid tea and coffee.

Take fruits, nuts and sprouted seeds in the breakfast with apple juice.

In the afternoon take salads, and another fruit.

Take the dinner as early as possible around 6 to 6 : 30 pm and take simple food like Khichdi (mixture of boiled rice and lentils with salt and clarified butter).  If the constipation is too chronic, you can also take two spoons of castor oil with some juice.  But do not take the castor oil for more that two to three days continuously.  If you want to take for more days then take only one spoon.  Here is detail on castor oil for constipation relief.

Include foods which are particularly effective in constipation relief which can include fruits like apples, guava etc and vegetables like spinach and cabbage etc.  You can read foods that relieve constipation for more information but to simplify the statement eat more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water and preferably warm water.

Do some light exercise like taking some slow walk after dinner.  Do not stretch yourself too much as you might get too tired during the detoxification week.

If you take the above diet for a week, your body will get a chance to detoxify and it will be able to deal with constipation on its own without relying it on laxatives.

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