Differences Between Laxatives and Suppositories

For relieving constipation both laxatives and suppositories are used frequently though laxatives are more commonly used option. Let us see what are the differences between these two methods for constipation relief.

How Laxative Work
Laxatives are supplements which are taken orally for constipation relief. There are many type of laxative and they can work in different ways. For example some of the laxative are bulk producing agents which increase the bulk in the bowels by absorbing more water and helping in excretion of stool. Another type of laxative is known as lubricant which make it easy for the bowels by lubricating the intestinal linings and make it easier for the stool to pass out.

How Suppositories Work
Suppositories are taken from the rectum and usually less frequent than laxatives. When laxatives are not effective or the patient is not in a situation to laxative to due to medical condition or age factor suppositories are used. Suppositories  are present in solid form and they dissolve in the rectum and it causes mild irritation in the intestines which starts peristalsis and helps in elimination of stool. Sometime when the stool becomes hardened in the colon and laxatives are ineffective suppositories can do wonders.

Example of Laxatives and Suppositories
There are many laxatives including both natural and manufactured laxatives. some examples of natural laxatives include Amla, Castor Oil etc. Usually fibers are also good at bulk producing and isabgol is one of them. Apart from the laxatives mentioned there are other natural remedies for constipation which you can find useful in constipation problems also.`Many people also use aloe vera for constipation relief and find it to me quite useful.

Examples of Suppositories include glycerene base suppositories like Ducolax and Voltaren.

In many conditions suppositories are better option, especially if a laxative causes lose motions or vomiting sensation then it is always better to use suppositories as constipation relief option.  However you should know that there are certain discomfort associated with suppositories like there may be passing of grease from the anus during flatulence. Another problem associated with suppositories is sometimes it may be difficult to control the motion since these can trigger peristaltic movements suddenly.

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