Eating Prune with Fish May Cause Allergic Diarrhea

Just wanted to share an incident with you for those who take pruned or dried figs.  Dried figs which are also known as prunes are quite effective remedy for constipation.  The advantage of dried fig over prune juice is its longevity or the shelf life.

Prune juice is extremely effective against constipation but should be taken once it is prepared whereas dried figs can last for a long time.  In fact these can also used for munching during the day and we have kept one packet at our home.  Although we do not suffer from constipation any longer but we do try on various brands of different product.

Coming back to the incident – One of our friend ate a fish yesterday and a small bone got struck in her throat.  Since the bone was very small she decide to eat dried prune to remove the bone.  She ate 3 to 4 prunes.

After one hour she started having loose motions and had to go to the toilet for 6 to 7 times through out the day.  Apparently when you eat a fatty fish with prune it can affect the digestive system adversely and cause diarrhea.  She has been taking prune once a week and never faced this problem earlier.

This accidental discovery regarding constipation may be it could benefit people who face chronic constipation and eventually benefit them.  Any volunteers?  We would be interested to hear response via email on this.

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