Exercises for Constipation Relief

It is said health is wealth.  If you are healthy you live a happier life.  The best way to have a good health is to include daily exercise in your routine life.  If you suffer from constipation or abdominal problems then you should definitely include some exercises for your own benefit.  One of the natural ways to treat constipation is thorough some simple exercises.

In general exercises are useful for maintaining overall health and fitness.  Most people know this but still do not exercise.  Over body benefits tremendously even if we exercise in moderation and if are fit then chances of diseases also decrease a lot.  Those who are physically active also have good digestive system and they are able to digest most food easily and also rarely suffer from constipation.  However it is not easy for all to be super fit and too active. Here are some simple exercises for constipation relief.

Simple Walk

Walking can solve many health problems.  Taking a brisk walk is even better.  Walk briskly in your neighborhood for around 15 minutes and increase your heart rate.  This should be done early morning or in the evening.  This increases the blood flow in the body increases the oxygen level and improves overall fitness slowly and steadily.  In matter of weeks you would be able to notice perceptible different in digestion and relief from frequent constipation.  If you can add few minutes of jogging to your walking that is really great.


Yoga can be practiced for general health and fitness as well as spiritual benefits also.  There exist many yoga exercises which can be practiced particularly for constipation relief but they also provide other benefits also.  Practice of yoga can activate the digestive and the excretory organs and make elimination easier.  Body becomes more capable of dealing with many diseases on it own.  There are several articles on poses which are good for constipation in this site.  Here are some of the articles.

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Other Exercises

You can also take part in other exercises like swimming and stomach crunches.  Swimming is an exercise for the entire body and it also relaxes the body.  Stomach crunches also get the abdominal organs activated and moving.  In general exercises help in relaxing us.  When the body is relaxed and loose your body will be less stressed.  In general when we are less stressed the organs work properly and muscles including the intestinal muscles move without any obstructions and thus function to their capacity.

Apart from daily exercise you should also eat healthy foods that relieve constipation and drink sufficient water.

So include some of the above exercises in your daily schedule and get relief from constipation and live a healthy life for a long time.

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