Food and Lifestyle for Constipation Control

Patients of constipation should give equal if not more importance to the lifestyle to control constipation.  Eating food which automatically helps in cleaning the stomach and the intestine is more beneficial compared to taking help of medicines.  One of the most important grains is Chickpea also know as Bengal Gram or Chana in India.

Chana for Constipation CureChickpea soaked in water is extremely beneficial in constipation problems. Eat it by slowly chewing it.  If you are unable to digest this then boil it first and then have it.  You can add a pinch of salt and ginger to make it tastier and more easily digestible.  Usually the covering of the Chikpea is removed for cooking, but having the grain with covering is more beneficial.  Chickpea taken with honey in the morning is also good for impotency problem.

Bread made of flour mixed with wheat and chickpea flours is very beneficial.  Porridge made from wheat is also beneficial.  The flour from which bread is made should not be totally refined as this provides the fibers in the food.  Fibers help in eliminating the waste by absorbing water.

Other Lifestyle Habits Beneficial for Constipation

Drink plenty of water first thing in the morning.  Eat food slowly and chew properly.  Swimming is also very beneficial.  Take nuts, dry fruits and figs.

Sometimes problems in the Liver also leads to constipation.  Get your liver checked and take proper precautions.  Jogging or yoga combined with having Buttermilk will help you overcome this problem.

There are other food like papaya, bael fruit etc which are really good for removing constipation.  Apart from this also have leafy vegetable regularly.

Avoiding meat, alcohol, coffee and late nights will go a long way in helping you.

Living a simple life, eating the right food and including some exercise will help you maintain a good digestive health and ensure that you can avoid constipation.  Have a look at Natural Constipation Remedies to see what are the other natural ways to cure constipation.

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