Gout Can Cause Constipation

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Gout is a disease which happens due to excess amount of uric acid in the blood.  This disease is caused by improper digestion of protein which raises the uric acid levels in the blood.  Usually the most common symptom of gout is pain in the joints and it mostly starts from the legs, especially from the toe.

There are other side effects of gout also including heart disease, respiratory problems and also constipation.  Like gout diabetes can also cause constipation.  Usually the pain is less in the day time and it increases in the night time.  It has been found to be hereditary in nature, certain lifestyle and habits like consumption of alcohol, smoking, having more red meat and lack of exercise increases the chances of having this disease.

Usually gout affects the joints.  However gout apart from affecting the joints also affects the nerves which slows down the digestion process since the intestinal organs are affected and intestines lose their ability of expelling the feces.


Since gout is caused by accumulation of uric acid, and if this level can be brought under control, the disease can also be controlled.  To start with have around 1.5 liters of water in the morning.  This will expel lot of toxins and uric acid from the blood and provide great relief.  Apart from that follow the following diet for 3 days –

06:00 am – Have 1.5 liters of water or as much as possible added with lemon juice and 2 tea spoon of honey and 4 cloves of garlic.

07:30 am – Soak 50 grams of methi seeds (fenugreek) soaked in water overnight.  Chew the methi seeds and also have the water.  This is excellent blood purifier and also beneficial for diabetes.  You can continue to have the methi seeds for few months also.

10:00 am – Have some vegetable soup.

11:00 am – Have light lunch consisting of bread of chapatti, boiled vegetable and salad and sprouted methi seeds.

4:30 pm – Have two glasses of water added with lemon juice and honey.

07:00 pm – Have one fruit and some sprouted seeds for dinner.

Foods to avoid in Gout

You should avoid foods which are sour in taste.  Also avoid foods which are harder to digest, spicy food, pulses, red meat, coffee, tea, sour and alcohol.

Follow the above regime for three days and then you can return to normal diet, though avoid too much of spicy food.  Continue having water with lemon and honey and the methi seeds soaked in water.  Once you get rid of the pain and swelling start Surya Namaskar and practice 12 to 21 rounds every day.  This will help you to get rid of gout and all the related complications.

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