Guava – A Great Food for Constipation Relief

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One of the fruits which is not given proper importance but extremely beneficial for constipation is Guava.  In India when apple usually sells for around Rs 100 per Kg, it is available for Rs 30 per Kg.   Though it is cheaper but at the same time ignored by many in favor of other expensive fruits. When we talk about constipation, Guava can be very useful natural remedy for constipation. Taking guava regularly can go a long way to help you control and overcome constipation without making your intestines lose their natural abilities.

Guava is excellent source of  –

  • Vitamin A, B and C
  • Minerals like Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Folic acid
  • Fiber

Guava is very helpful in –

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Poor circulation (strengthen the heart)
  3. Congestion of the lungs
  4. Asthma
  5. Catarrh
  6. Obesity
  7. Scurvy

Many of the medicines available in the market for constipation may be harmful to you in the long term. These medicines may help your in the short term but in the long term many of these medicines may make your intestines lose their own ability.  In case of many medicine which stimulate the intestines to eliminate the stool, in the long run are harmful for the intestine since intestine looses its natural ability.  When you take medicines which are harmful to the intestines, you may develop dependency on these medicine and when you keep on taking these medicines for a long time even these may lose their effectiveness.

How to Take Guava for Constipation

You can take guava in the morning breakfast. In case you suffer from gastric problem when you take guava then take it after lunch. Only thing to remember is not to chew the seeds of guava because it can be harmful to people suffering from stomach ulcers.

The seeds of of guava also lead to constipation if you chew them and then eat. But it is also not advisable to throw away the seeds. Proper way to eat guava is to cut in half or quarter pieces and then eat the outer portion which are seedless first. Then when you reach the part with the seed and the pulp just softly chew the pulp so as to make it softer and pulpy without breaking the seed and then just gulp it.

Guava also helps in increasing hemoglobin and increases the luster of the face.

Ensure that guava is neither too unripe nor too ripe. This can be judged by the hardness or the softness of the fruit. Do not take the fruit in the night and only in the morning or afternoon.
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