Halasana(Plough Pose) – Yoga For Constipation Cure

Halasana for Constipation Relief
Halasana is a pose which is very useful in constipation problem. This pose resembles a plough, hence its name. In this pose the body is in inverted position due to which the abdominal organs do not face the natural gravitational pull – hence respond in a relaxed manner.  Due to the relaxed abdominal organs the intestines start working properly and stool is pushed out towards the colon for elimination.  Practice of Halasana is very effective constipation cure.  Yoga is very effective in constipation cure and Halasana is one of the poses which can be practiced.

Another benefit of this practice is during the Halasana or the plough pose there is pressure on the abdomen due to contraction.  This increases the blood flow to the abdominal region and ensures all organs work properly.  So long term practice of Halasana leads to healthy digestive system.

How to Practice Plough Pose

The basic steps are very simple. Just lie down on your back on the floor. With exhalation raise the legs slowly and take them beyond your head and place them on the floor. Stay there for around half a minute to one minute and slowly come back to original position with inhalation.  Those who are not flexible enough to place the legs on the floor should use a chair or some elevated platform behind the head and place the legs on them.

For more details in this pose please visit this page Halasana

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