Harde as Laxative and Health Tonic

Harde is a fruit which is native to India and has a huge importance in Ayurveda, which is ancient Indian therapy for healing and lifestyle tradition.  Ayurveda emphasizes on achieving health by being harmony with nature and its offerings.  This is done by using various herbs for maintaining health, following a healthy lifestyle – which means proper diet as per the season, proper exercise and proper rest.

As mentioned above Harde or Hartaki is an important herb which helps in achieving proper health.  The botanical name is Terminalia Chebula.  It solves many health problems and also provides vitality and is a good tonic.  Harde is also one of the three ingredients in Triphala which is very famous for its healing abilities and also used as mild laxative as well as health tonic.

Use of Harde as Laxative and Health Rejuvenation Fruit

In ancient text books of Ayurveda and also as tested in many studies Harde has been found to contain the following properties –

  1. It has laxative properties.

  2. Increases the appetite in the right manner and helps in digestion.

  3. Removes Toxins from the body which causes constipation and hence clears constipation.  Once toxins are removed you also get rid of foul smelling feces and bad breath problems.

  4. Because it helps in clearing toxins it also helps in curing many skin diseases including leprosy.

  5. Clears cough and mucous.  This helps in maintaining a light body and this prevents sticky mucous in the intestines which also causes many problems including constipation.

  6. Helps in getting rid of flatulence.

  7. Ripe and boiled fruit is useful for preventing diarrhea and loose motions.

  8. It calms the nerves and helps them function better and helps in people with weak pulse or palpitation or other nervous weakness problems.

  9. It also helps in cleaning the colon and and a natural colon cleanser and useful in controlling piles.

  10. It is also useful in urinary tract infections as it clears the entire system.

  11. It helps in absorption of the nutrients from the body and also useful increasing the digestive power and curing indigestion problems.

How to take Harde For Constipation and as tonic

It is best to take this in powder form which is easily available in the market.  It is also available in capsule form in many online stores.  The best part is it can be taken for a long time as tonic also for toning the digestive and elimination system and for detoxification.

Take one to two capsules after meals for digestion or around 500 mg of powder with water or milk.  You can also take it at bedtime.  If you suffer from weak digestion gradually you will get back the appetite and become healthy again.  Then you can reduce the dosage.  For constipation you can increase the dosage to three capsule where as for general use as tonic stick to two capsules.

Warning – Do not take if you are pregnant.  It should be avoided if you are empty stomach and do not plan to take food for around 1 hour after you take this.

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