Home Remedies for Constipation in Adults

Although there are many natural remedies for constipation available some of the remedies are not readily available at home.  In this article let us see some home remedies for constipation in adults which can be readily available and can be used by almost anyone at home.

Some of the remedies mentioned here are also useful as home remedies for constipation in children.  Usually remedies mentioned for kids will work for adults also.  Here we are mentioning some more home remedies for constipation which are useful for adults.  Although there are numerous options, we are presenting those constipation remedies which are more easily available at homes.

Home Remedies for Constipation in Adults

Papaya Juice – Take raw papaya juice in the morning.  Papaya contains many enzymes which can digest food easily and help in relieving constipation.  When papaya is given to kids it is better to boil the raw papaya for for adults juice can also be given.  Papaya especially if unripe, should not be given to pregnant woman since this can cause miscarriage.

Apple – Take one to two apples a day and most of the constipation problems will be solved.  You can take apples with breakfast or other meals also.  This will have two benefits.  You will not over eat and digestion becomes easier and another thing is apple will provide all there required natural fibers which ease out constipation.  If the patient is either elderly person with no teeth or a small kid suffering from constipation then first boil the apple in slow heat, mash it and then give it the patient around twice a day.

Lemon Water – Squeeze a lemon in two glasses of warm water with little bit of salt and take in morning.  This will start the peristaltic movement and help clear the bowels very easily.  In fact this is also used for complete detoxification, though for detoxification purpose this should be taken several times a day with minimal food intake.  You can take it around two time on empty stomach in case you want to get relief from constipation.

Wheat Grass Juice – Wheat grass juice is a option you can take for not only constipation but for many other serious diseases like cancer.  Although extracting the wheat grass juice is a cumbersome process but it is totally worth the effort.  Wheat grass juice will also help treat IBS which is a abdomen or digestive disease, where in the digestive system becomes too sensitive and patient can alternative suffer from constipation and diarrhea and also suffer from abdomen pain.  Wheat grass juice will clean up and detoxify the entire system and bring all the systems back to proper working.  For more information you can see wheat grass juice for IBS and constipation.

Figs and Dates – Some other solution include soaking few figs at night and eating them in the morning.  Dates are also good and can be taken with milk in the night.  Dates are excellent remedy for constipation, but you should avoid them totally if you suffer from diabetes.

Juices – There are several juices which can be taken for constipation.  For example you can take spinach juice or spinach soup as it is tasty and also provides all the required food fiber.  Similarly you can take apple juice, grapes juice or prune juice.

Each of these juice is very good option for constipation relief and this will also make you opt for healthier food like fruits which should be essential part of our diet.  Only thing to remember is try to have home made juice instead of those available in the market since it will be fresh and also not contain artificial preservatives.

Various Oils – Oils especially olive or castor oil are other good option for constipation.  When you take these natural oils they fulfill the need for natural fat, lubricate the joints so provide relief in joint pains and gout and also lubricate the intestines and force the liver and gall bladder to release bile which helps in digesting the food easily and acts as natural laxative.

The above remedies can be easily tried at home by most people and have proven to be effective solution.  Other tips include eating the food slowly and mindfully, chewing more and have water after 45 minute of the meal.  Try the above solution and see your constipation vanish easily.

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Home Remedies for Constipation

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