Home Remedies for Constipation in Kids and Toddlers

When your kids suffer from constipation, you do not need to be too desperate or worried, especially if the constipation is not chronic.  There can be various reasons for constipation in kids but remember that some toddlers are more prone to constipation than others and if your kid is one of them then here are two simple food which can help in controlling constipation.

These two foods can be used both as meal as well as help in controlling constipation –

Apple For Kids

Apple can be given to kids, especially toddlers everyday.  It is really safe and also healthy and on top of it prevents constipation.  Here is how to give apple for toddlers who may be too young to chew it digest it in raw form.

Take an apple and cut it in several pieces and put in a deep pan with shallow water and put it on low heat.  Let it on gas till the water reduces and then take it off the gas.  Now mash the apple and add one teaspoon of sugar to make it tastier and again put it on gas on low heat for 5 to 10 minutes.  Now take it off the gas and let it cool off.  Mash this apple even more and then this can be given to your toddler.

This can be given everyday to your kid and it is excellent diet for growing toddlers.  You will find that your kid will be able to digest the food quite well, pass the stool easily and have soft belly which is a good sign for kids.  When the stomach is clear the kids will also have sound sleep and would be healthier.

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Papaya For Kids

Papaya is another food which is good for constipation.  There are certain enzymes in papaya which makes it good for stomach and digestive system.  Take ripe papaya and give two or three small pieces.  Do not give too much of papaya since it generates heat and cause diarrhea if too much quantity is given.  If required add very little sugar on the papaya to make it tastier for the kids.

There are many simple ways to solve constipation in kids but both the above options are very healthy and naturally occurring solution for health of your kid and can be given safely.

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