How does Cough Cause Constipation

Do you suffer from constipation a lot and also suffer from persistent cough and cold?  Chances are that your constipation is being caused by cough especially if the cough is old and persistent.

How does Cough Cause Constipation

Cough and the mucous are produces in the lungs and the respiratory tract due to infection of the respiratory organs.  Usually body tries to fight with the invading germs in the body and in the process mucous is produced.  Usually those who consume more quantities of dairy products, more mucous is produced in their body.

The mucous is sticky in nature and when it reaches the intestines it stick to the intestinal walls.  When there is large quantities of mucous produced in the body due to respiratory infections, large quantities of mucous reaches the intestines and start covering the intestinal wall.  Intestines absorb the nutrients from the food and pass it on to the blood to be distributed in the cells of the body.  When the walls of the intestines are covered with mucous the food cannot be absorbed and weakness can develop due to malnutrition.

When the mucous remains attached to the intestinal wall for a long period, it hardens and the intestines lose their flexibility and the peristaltic movement of the intestines which pushes the food towards the colon cannot happen properly.  Due to this the food and the feces cannot advance through the intestines to the colon from where it is expelled and the patient starts suffering from constipation.

Gradually the undigested food and the feces also start sticking to the mucous and it exaggerates the constipation.  The feces do not move out of the intestines for long time it starts rotting and starts hardening.  Many diseases including cancer can be caused due to the rotting and toxic waste in the intestines.

Simple Home Remedy for Cough and Constipation

Hence it is necessary to make sure that the cough is under control.  One of the best remedies is taking Amla or Triphala powder as this will not only take care of cough, it will also clear the stomach and intestines and remove constipation from your body.

One of the best places to buy Amla or Triphala is online stores where you can find many options.

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