How Suppositories Help in Constipation Cure

One of the alternative to laxatives are suppositories. Laxatives are taken orally where as suppositories are taken through the rectum. Although there are other differences between laxatives and suppositories but the fact is whenever there is severe constipation suppositories can help in relieving the condition. Many times when young kids suffer from constipation, suppositories can be really effective in providing relief because of certain reasons.

How Suppositories Work

Suppositories are made from a greasy or slippery base, such as glycerene or cocoa butter, in which the active ingredient are dissolved or mixed.  Suppositories are inserted into the rectum via anus and once they are inside the body, they dissolve due to the body heat.  When it reaches inside the intestines and dissolves there it acts as mild irritant and this stimulates the muscles of the intestines, which starts the movement to expel the stool and provide relief in constipation.

When are Suppositories Used

Many people find it hard to take oral laxatives since they find it repelling or have tendency to vomit.  Due to this it is difficult to administer laxatives to them.  Many times when a laxatives are taken for a long time, its effectiveness may wane off and it may not be a good idea to increase the dosage.  Many people may also have allergy to some of the ingredients of common laxative.  In all these cases suppositories can be helpful.

How to Administer Suppositories

Suppositories are usually have shape with one end blunt and the other end which is more of a conical shape. To increase the efficacy it has been observed that it is advisable to insert the blunt end first.  Many clinical studies suggest that inserting the blunt end first helps in make the suppository reach much more inside the intestines and hence the effectiveness increases.

Dosage for Suppositories

Usually for kids for 1 pill is sufficient and for adults 2 pill may also be taken in case patient is severely constipation.  However it is better to consult your doctor if more than 2 pills are needed.

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