How to Avoid Laxative Side Effects

Many people who are affected by constipation frequently tend to take laxatives frequently and without discretion. If laxatives are taken occasionally it serves the purpose but frequent use of laxatives may have some side effects which can create more problems during later stages.

Possible Side Effects of Frequent Laxative Use

If the dosage is not correct or if you are already suffering from some physical condition, laxatives can induce diarrhea. Too much water and fluid loss due to lose motions can be harmful and many times need hospitalization.

If laxatives are taken too frequently, the body can become too used to this or even become dependent on these for bowel movements. Both the conditions are not desirable. If the body becomes too dependent, the muscles and nerves of the intestines would gradually lose their natural ability to function properly. When the nerves become inactive, many complications can occur. If you take if too frequently, your body would lose the laxative sensitivity and in future this would not work.

Many laxatives can also interfere in the way your body absorbs medicines or how medications works in your body. Laxatives can changes the way water exchange takes place in the intestines which may not be ideal for some of the medications you are currently under. In these cases please consult your doctor before taking any laxatives, or ask which would be the best option for you.

Some Alternatives for Laxatives

To avoid laxative side effect or dependency you need to know what are the alternatives available, particularly those which have not sided effects.

1. Include more Veggies and Fiber – Whether or not you suffer from constipation or not it is always good to include more natural and whole food in your diet. If you suffer from frequent constipation, it is always good to include more vegetable since vegetable have natural fibers in them which clean up the bowel. Eating more veggies act as natural cures for constipation because of our bodies find it easier to digest them instead of refined and meat foods.

2. Increased Water Intake – Those who take more water are less likely to suffer from constipation since water can be effective agent to clean up the system. When water content is more in the body, the stool does not get hardened and can be easily expelled b y the intestines.

3. Aloe Vera Juice – You can also think about using aloe vera for constipation since aloe vera is a natural laxative with no side effects. Take two tea spoon of aloe vera juice with a glass of water to get the proper benefit.

If the constipation is too chronic and there is a genuine need to take laxatives, it is better to ask your doctor about which laxative to take for your condition, the right dosage and once you get the immediate relief to to avoid using it so that you do not develop dependency. The above tips are used and you also combine them with some light exercise, then you can easily be able to lead a healthy life without depending on various laxative and suppositories for constipation relief.

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