How to Cure IBS Constipation

IBS can either cause constipation and diarrhea or one of them.  IBS is caused by allergy to certain food items which increases the sensitivity of the bowels which can prevent the bowels from behaving normally.  Other symptoms of IBS include stomach pains and cramps. Many people also suffer from gas, bloated stomach and alternative constipation and diarrhea.

There are still contrasting opinions about IBS, but it is believed that when intestines become too sensitive to movements IBS symptoms occur. Different people have different levels of sensitivity and some people have more sensitive nervous system and it reacts to movement of food in the intestines. Sometimes the body can be allergic to certain food or proteins which can cause IBS constipation.  Best way to deal with this type of allergy is to avoid that food.  Apart from avoiding allergy there are few other ways to cure IBS constipation which can be effective.

Sometime IBS constipation can be caused by stress or stressful situation. Since the nervous system is affected by stress, it can cause IBS symptoms to appear and cause problems till the stressful event is present.  We also think that many times  IBS can be caused by displacement of Solar Plexus.  When the solar plexus is shifted back to proper place IBS symptoms can also disappear.

If you suffer from IBS constipation here are some ways to prevent it and in long term cure it.

Here are few ways to deal with IBS Constipation.

1. Easy to Digest Food – If you suffer from constipation in general or IBS constipation, you should include more fruits and vegetable in your meals.  Human intestine is more suited to digest fruits and vegetables compared to meat products.  These foods are also comparatively much easier to digest.  If you take easy to digest food, it put lesser load on the bowels and the intestines and it also add food fiber in natural form to your diet.

You should take care to wash the fruit properly before you take it.  If you find it difficult to have in raw form then you can boil it and add minimal spices and have it.  Gradually you will start liking the fruits and vegetables and get used to it.  Once that happens many other health problems will automatically be taken care of.

2. Yoga – Yoga is also an effective treatment for diseases like IBS.  Yoga not only relaxes the nerves but also strengthens the nervous system and gradually cures many diseases.  One of the poses which can cure constipation is known as Uttanasana.  In this pose try to stand with legs joined together and with exhalation try to touch the feet and bring the head near the knees.  Stay in this pose for 15 to 30 seconds and then with inhalation come out of this pose.  If you want more details you can read more about Uttanasana.   You can practice this two to three times in the morning.

Sometimes even small changes in routine can also take care of big problems.  Similarly if you practice the above two steps you would definitely be able to tackle and cure IBS constipation gradually and live a normal and healthy life.

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