How to Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome Constipation

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a condition of the intestines which lose their control of the muscle movement which control the movement of the food through it during the process of digestion and elimination.  When the food reaches the stomach after certain processing the body or the stomach pushes it to the intestines.

The role of intestine is to absorb the nutrients into the blood stream so that body gets all the nutrients from the food.  Intestines also play the role of elimination of food by pushing the food which has been digested towards the colon.  For this intestines has a automatic muscle contraction and expansion known as peristaltic movements which push the food forwards towards the rectum for elimination.  This movement is controlled by autonomous nervous system.

If someone suffers from irritable constipation syndrome then the intestines lose their sensitivity or become hypersensitive and hence the control on the peristaltic movements.  Due to the loss of control you may suffer from either constipation or diarrhea and this may become unpredictable.  Usually IBS could also be triggered by allergic reaction to certain food, or emotional disturbance or stress which can act on the adrenalin gland, which can get hyperactive and it can lead to loose motions or constipation.

Recent studies point out that IBS could be triggered by high intake of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are frequently used for treating many kinds of infections which are caused by bacteria.  Antibiotics act by killing the bacteria which are infecting the body.  However along with the good bacteria they also end up killing good bacteria which help in digestion process and reside in the intestines naturally.  When these bacteria are killed intestines are not able to handle the food and the reaction causes IBS.

Certain times solar plexus can also get shifted and that can also cause constipation.  Solar plexus shift is difficult to detect for most doctor who may not be even aware about its existence or may not believe in this but the fact is solar plexus shift is a real thing.  If you suffer from abdomen pain also then it is highly likely that your solar plexus or the navel center is disturbed.

Although there are some medicines which are effective in controlling the allergy there are few things which you can also do on your own to cure irritable bowel syndrome constipation yourself.  Here are the steps you need to take –

How to Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome Constipation

1. Take Non Allergic Food – Though it sounds like a obvious and simple advice that this is also the most logical thing to do.  Many times IBS constipation may be caused by food allergy; for example many people are allergic to peanuts or wheat which causes allergic reactions in them.  Similarly you need to observe and take careful notes about the foods which you take and how you feel after eating them.  This way you can pinpoint your allergy and then avoid those food.

2. Take Care of Solar Plexus – You can take steps to make sure that your solar plexus are not displaced and if they are, then you should take steps to correct them.  To find out if your solar plexus is disturbed and how you need to set it back to normal position read the article Constipation caused by solar plexus displacement.

3. Mud Therapy – Mud therapy is also useful in many problems of the abdomen including IBS constipation cure.  Take mud which can be bought online, mix in proper amount of water and apply it on the entire abdomen region, drape a cotton cloth around the abdomen and let it dry.  Once it dries, wash it off and take bath.  Mud will take out the heat from the abdomen and activate the entire organs and restore healthy digestion and elimination process.

4. Probiotics for IBS – As mentioned above when good bacteria are killed that can become a cause of IBS.  Probiotics are good bacteria which are supplied via supplements.  For this you would need to buy the probiotics from market and take the course.  Gradually the probiotics are create the culture of the bacteria in our guts and help in restoring normal digestion and elimination process.  We become more tolerant towards the food and find it easy to digest and eliminate. For more information read constipation remedy with probiotics.  You can also start taking yogurt more regularly as they contain the good bacteria within them.

5. Mint Tea – Mint tea is a good way to get relief in digestive system pain, cramps and IBS.  Take mint leaves and boil in water.  Cool the water and drink it.  It calms down the intestines and make them less irritable and hence provides relief in IBS related problems.

6. Yoga – There are certain yoga poses which can also help in IBS.  These yoga poses gently massage the abdominal organs and reduces inflammation and restores the normal functionality.  You can read more at IBS Cures with Yoga.

For more healthy option read home remedies for constipation and natural remedies for constipation where you can find useful remedies for various types of constipation.

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