How to have a Regular Bowel Movement

Many times in the web you would read that definition of constipation is different for different people.  For example it is often said that for bowels may not be cleared for 3 days and it still will not be considered as constipation and for other it would be for a day.  That is really a crappy statement and people are copying this false statement from each other.  The fact is if you eat three times a day the waste should be expelled by the  body also.  How do you expect that you would eat two to three times a day and expect that going to toilet just once it three days is ok?  The fact is it is not all right to think so.

As per Ayurveda the ancient medicine system from India, ideally for a healthy person you would need to go to toilet as many times as you eat a full meal.  That is considered as a regular bowel  movement since body should expel the remain from what you eat in a regular manner so that you remain healthy.  Now, most of us do not go to toilet 3 times a day but we should at least go once a day and if that is not happening to you on a regular basis it means that you are suffering from constipation or there is something wrong with your digestive system which is not clearing the bowel properly.

There could be several reasons for irregular bowels system.  For example as aging happens gradually the digestive system does not remain as strong as it used to be.  It finds it difficult to digest and break down complex foods.  Similarly the peristaltic movements are not as strong and hence not able to push the food towards the colon.

In babies, the problem may be different.  For example they might be allergic to foods such as milk and their mothers may be feeding milk without knowing this fact.  In this case you may need to experiment and see which food is restricting regular bowels movements in babies.

Again in pregnancy the cause may be hormonal changes or iron supplements which may be causing constipation problems.

Simple Tips on How to Have a Regular Bowel Movement

The basic step to follow is to have simpler food.  For example you  can take more fruits and vegetables which are easier to digest.  Another good part of fruits and vegetables is they do not leave remains or layers on the intestines which can cause problems in both elimination and absorption of nutrients.  For example greasy food or refine flour can leave layers on the intestines.

Once in week you can fast for half  a day or if possible for a full day.  This gives rest to the system and also to do house cleaning.  This will detoxify your body and also rejuvenate all the system.

At least some light exercise is recommended for all of us few times a week.  In the middle age most people do not exercise at all and that start gradual deterioration in the body and constipation is the first symptom.  If you ignore this signal body will continue to suffer and you are likely to pick more serious diseases soon.

Once in a while take castor oil in the night which will clean the bowels but do not make it a habit.  Castor oil is good for constipation relief and also many other problems like joint pains.  Apart from castor oil you can also consider few good home remedies for constipation such as prune juice.

If you follow the above steps you will be able to have a healthy body and also avoid constipation problems.  For more information read more on constipation remedies see the home page for more information.

One of the good options to try out for long term solution is to use Nux Vomica for Constipation Relief.   Nux Vomica is a type of homoepathic tonic and useful in relief in number of ailments.

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