How to Safely Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is  both a joyous and difficult period for women.  While there is joy of expectant baby there is also worries which are caused by various health issues.  One of the health issues pregnant ladies face frequently is constipation.

However the problem is during pregnancy there may not be too many safe options in form of medicines which may be available to you.   However I have good news for you if you are pregnant and suffering from constipation.  Here are some safe options available for pregnant ladies and in this article we will have a look at the options to safely avoid constipation during pregnancy.

How to Safely Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy

The most important thing to remember is not to take any purgative which is too strong since it may cause miscarriage.  Also you would need to also maintain healthy life style.  So here are the options –

1. Amla Powder -You can take Amla powder with water in the night.  Amla powder is one of the excellent home remedies for constipation and also safe during pregnancy.  It will also supply many essential mineral to you.  Amla is full of Vitamin C and various minerals needed during all phases of pregnancy.  Vitamin C helps in absorbing Iron in a better and efficient manner.

Pregnant ladies are prescribed Iron supplements during pregnancy since they are anemic and hence become weak.  Iron supplements cause constipation but taking Amla supplies sufficient Vitamin C which helps in absorption of Iron from both food and supplement in a controlled manner which will prevent constipation.   Since Amla is also a source of Iron in itself taking it will reduce the need to take iron supplements which cause constipation.

2. Honey with Water – Take one teaspoon of Honey with slightly warm water.  This acts as mild purgative.

3. Take More Water – Drink around a liter of warm water in the morning.  This will keep you hydrated, activate the intestinal movement and bring them into action and also help relieve constipation.  Warm water also dissolves grease in the residual food and makes it dissolve faster.  Although you may find it difficult to drink this much water in the beginning but start with two glasses and increase the dose slowly.  Gradually you would be able to have this much of water easily and it will go a long way in providing relief.

You can also add lemon juice to warm water.  This is also a good source of Vitamin C and it will help in maintaining the PH balance, reduces acidity and better absorption of Iron.

4. Maintain Good Eating Habit – You should eat slowly in relaxed manner and also try to avoid drinking water till around 30 to 60 mins of the meal.  Take heaviest meal in the afternoon between 12 pm to 2 pm and take a very light meal in the evening.  This gives chance to your digestive juices to act properly on the food and helps digest better.  The digestive juices are strongest in the afternoon and you also give the digestion system a better chance to act and digest the food.

5. Be Relaxed – Try to be in relaxed state as this will reduce the chances of many diseases including constipation.  To relax you can try yoga, some meditation and good music.

6. Mud Therapy – Apply black clay on the entire abdomen and then wrap it with another soft cotton cloth.  Now lie down for around an hour or so.  This will absorb the heat from the abdomen region and activate the digestive organs.  Now wash of the clay.  This will normalize your bowels if this is done for few days.

7. Yoga – You can try thunderbolt pose also known as Vajrasana.  Vajrasana helps in easier digestion, easy to perform and over long term work wonder on your entire digestive system by keeping it fit.  When the digestion if good and smooth chances of constipation are also reduced.  For more information read Vajrasana – Yoga for Constipation.

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