How to Solve Constipation in Kids

When kids have constipation it is worrying for the parents and particularly the moms.  Mom start worrying too much about the problem their baby is facing due to constipation and can sometimes take desperate measures.  Most common solution adopted by moms is to go for stool softeners too often which is not good.  Giving too much of stool softeners to you kids for too long can be bad since the kids natural digestive system and elimination will not get developed.  So what to do when your kid has constipation?

Expect it to happen

Remember that it is quite a normal phenomenon for children to have constipation, as is the same case in adults.  There can be many reasons for constipation in kids and this can happen mainly due to dietary changes when moving from mother’s milk to outside food and lack of sufficient water and fiber.

Some Simple Remedies for Constipation in Kids

Here are some simple remedies for constipation in kids which can help your kid.

1. Provide easy to digest food – Avoid milk and milk based products and go for more cereals.  For example you can provide Khichdi which will be mixture of some pulses and rice.  Take equal quantities of rice and pulses like Moong and add salt and turmeric and boil till it is soft.  If required your can mash it further to make it softer.   If you want you can drop few pieces of vegetable in it while boiling which will increase the food value.  This diet not only is healthier but also easier to digest.  You can also give boiled and mashed apple to your kid.

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2. Reduce Constipation Causing Food – As mentioned above reduce too much milk and also banana if your kid is prone to constipation.  Other food to avoid could be cheese or other processed food like ice creams.

3. Use Stool Softeners – If your kid already has constipation you can use stool softeners after consulting your doctor about the right softener for your kids, though try to avoid creating dependency on it.

4. Give Sufficient Fluids – Make sure your kids have around 2 to 3 glasses of water and juices in a day.  If you give juices then it should be home made and no sugar should be added.

Apart from this you can also follow some simple tips to improve digestion which can increase the digestion in your kid and make sure they are not troubled by constipation.

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