How to Take Triphala Optimally for Maximum Benefits

If you are constipated ofter you may have heard of the wonder herb called Triphala.  Triphala is a wonderful herb which is a mixture of three fruits in dried powdered form.  If you take Triphala in the night you can very easily feel the difference next morning in the ease if the motions and the way you would feel very light in the stomach.  This happens because all the three ingredients of Triphala have laxative properties.  All these three wonderful herbs act in conjunction with each other to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate you.  One of the old sayings in India is “If the baby does not have mother don’t worry Triphala is there”.

The reason for the above statement is there are so many wonderful benefits associated with this single herbal mixture Triphala which cannot be seem in any other single herb.  The benefits range from constipation relief, detoxification, weight loss, improvement of Liver function and many more benefits.  For more details read the article Triphala for Constipation Relief and Weight Loss.

What are the Problem in Frequent Use Of Triphala

Although there are multiple benefits associated with Triphala most people take it for mainly constipation relief.  Triphala balances the three Doshas of human body.  Doshas are kinds of energy and each person has different combinations of these Doshas.  There are three Doshas and when these are in balance we remain healthy.  Due to our environment, food and lifestyle these doshas can go out of sync or become imbalanced.  Triphala balances these doshas.

However when we take Triphala everyday our body become dependent on the healing ability of Triphala and its own healing and detoxification mechanism takes a backseat.  Then after taking trihala for a few days when you stop taking the herb the body is not able to adjust to this and you can get constipated.  The motions do not happen effortlessly as it should happen.  Therefore it should not be taken everyday or too frequently.

How to Take Triphala Optimally and Get Maximum Benefits

As per our observations and personal experience you should take Triphala once a week.  Doing this has many benefits.  This creates a optimal balance of detoxification and healing.  When you take this herb once a week the body remained well oiled, all the toxins accumulated over the week are washed away and you also do not develop the dependency on it.  Since the digestive organs such as Liver and the intestines are cleaned up you would remain fresh and these organs work optimally and in an efficient manner.

Taking it once a week help the body in developing immunity and keeps you healthy and fresh.  If the gap is too long then also it is not good idea since the toxins are not washed away or eliminated from your body for too long.  That is why I would suggest that you take this herb once a week to maintain the ideal time difference and get the best benefits out of this wonderful herb.

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