Hypercalcemia Can Be Cause Of Constipation

In the article reasons for constipation we have discussed many reasons for constipation.  In this article we will discuss another condition that can become a reason for constipation.  This is caused by excess of calcium in the blood and this condition is known as hypercalcemia.  This happens more in women over the age of 50.

What is Hypercalcemia?

Hypercalcemia is caused by abnormal functioning of Parathyroid glands.  These glands are located in the throat behind the thyroid gland.  Parathyroid glands release a hormone called Parathyroid hormone (PTH).   PTH along with Vitamin D helps maintain the Calcium balance in the body.

Calcium plays very important role in the body like bone health, nerve and brain functioning and contraction of muscles.  When there is excess of PTH in the blood, caused by condition called Parathyroidism it becomes cause for hypercalcimia.  Other conditions include hyperthyroidism, kidney failure due to which excess calcium salts are not eliminated, excess  of calcium intake and several other conditions.

What are Side Effects of Hypercalcemia?

Since calcium controls many functions of the body, there can be several side effects.  Some of the symptoms include bone pain, pain in the Kidneys, weakness, dementia, changes in the posture with people losing height since they are bent forward, constipation, nausea and vomiting.

Why Hypercalcemia can cause Constipation

Calcium controls two important factors which are useful for digestion and elimination.  It plays a role in brain and nerve functioning.  If nerves are weak and cannot send the proper signal from the brain or to the brain digestive hormones may not be sent to the organs responsible for digestion.  Due to this digestion becomes very slow and difficult.

Another important function which is controlled by calcium is muscle contraction.  When calcium levels are not in the right quantity muscles will not contract properly.  Since the peristaltic movements of the intestines required frequent contraction and the expansion of the intestines muscles they are also affected.  Once intestines do not function properly they cannot push the food forward towards the colon.

Even in the colon there is a contraction of the muscles which happens and causes the elimination.  Therefore lack of muscle contraction can cause constipation.

Treatment Options

Usually as a first step more water is given so that excess salts are eliminated via urine.  Usually in cases of high malfunctioning of the parathyroid gland they may be removed via operation.  Usually first level of treatment is directed at removing the cause of the disease.  More more treatment and other options you should consult your healthcare professional.  As a preventive measure you should not take Calcium supplements without consulting your doctor.

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