Hypothyroid Can Be the Reason for Constipation

Hypothyroidism is a condition where in the thyroid gland does not function properly and is not able to produce enough thyroid hormone.  This can be caused by deficiency of Iodine and also due to stress we face for a long time.  Some times it can also be caused due to other factors such as pituitary gland not working properly.

Hypothyroidism can cause many disorders and other problems in our body due to the fact that thyroid hormone plays an very very important role in our body.  If thyroid hormone is not produced properly all the systems will stop working since the hormone affects all the cells in the body.

Functions of Thyroid Hormone and How it can Cause Constipation

Thyroid controls the metabolism of all the cells.  It controls metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein.  Thyroid hormone also controls the body heating mechanism and basic metabolic rates.  They also affect the way the cell utilize the energy from the food.  Hence when we are having thyroid disorders it can cause many issues such as weight gain, frequent cold and cough, fatigue.

Due to the way it works many times there is general lack of energy and make us lethargic.  Since the metabolism rates dip body is unable to break up the food properly and that is the reason thyroid problems can cause constipation problems.  It has been observed that women face more problems related to thyroids and hence it is one of the common reasons for constipation in women and also the reason for constipation in children.

Hence if you notice that you are having sudden weight gains, fatigue and constipation then you should get yourself checked for thyroid disorders and also ensure that you are taking iodized salts.  Many times when the reason for a problem is detected the treatment may not be that difficult.  Similarly for hypothyroidism related constipation also once this disorder is taken care of you may be able to get rid of constipation problems without the help of laxatives also.

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