Importance of Fiber for Health and Constipation Relief

Fiber is of high importance as part of our food constituent.  It also plays important role in throwing out waste from our body.  Usually we try to discard fiber from our food since that makes the food more tasty.  For example we try to have very fine and white flour bread, polished rice and skinned off fruits.  Usually outer covering of food is removed to enhance the taste.  When we remove the outer covering of the food, fiber also gets removed.

Fiber should be important part of the food we take and it is not prudent to expect good health when we ourselves are destroying the essential ingredients of the food.  When fiber is removed, the intestines become full of waste and which gives birth to many diseases.

What is Food Fiber

Fiber is found in all types of fruits and vegetables and usually a part of outer covering of the seeds and even in the skin of the fruit.  Usually fiber is not affected by boiling the food and digestive juices of the body also do not digest it.  However the fermentation caused by the microbes and the bacteria in the intestines can work on the fiber and cause it to change so that it can absorb water and cause it to swell.

We should include sufficient quantity of fiber in our food as it acts similar to lubricants which is used in vehicle engines.  Fiber helps eliminate the digested food from the intestines.  Fiber is found in almost all types of fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts and mostly in the skin.  As much as possible we should try to have the food with its outer covering so that we get the required amount of fibers.  You can add fiber to your food by including sprouted seeds in your food.

Type of Fibers

There are two types of fibers soluble and insoluble fiber.  These act bit differently though the common thing is neither of these is absorbed in the body.  Soluble fibers can absorb water and create the bulk and help in water retention.  Insoluble fiber do not absorb water and cause little irritation in the intestine which causes the intestine to eliminate the food.  Example of water soluble fiber include isabgol. You might be aware of isabgol which is many times used as laxative for constipation although essentially it is a fiber.  Isabgol is a soluble fiber supplement or a type of fiber which helps in relieving constipation by producing bulk.  If we take sufficient quantities of fiber in food we can avoid constipation.and example of insoluble fiber includes oat barn and wheat barn.

It is important to take both kinds of fiber although the ratio may vary for different persons.  If you have chronic constipation then take soluble fiber in m0re quantities since it will also make the feces softer and easier to eliminate.

Importance of Fiber

Fiber has a very significant role in elimination of waste from our body.     Lack of fiber makes it difficult for the body to have efficient bowel movements and this leads to accumulation of feces and the mucous in the intestines.   Lack of intestinal movements can cause constipation and leads to many diseases.

When fiber is present in the food, it does not get digested, but due to the action of the bacteria in the intestines it absorbs water and swells, due to which it creates bulk in the intestines and takes out the feces and mucous in the intestines.  Due to the bulk and the increased water content in the feces the stool becomes soft.  The intestines can then easily eliminate the feces from the body and constipation can be prevented.

As mentioned above fiber in food helps in avoiding constipation and apart from that it also reduces the cholesterol in the body which can help you to avoid heart diseases and high blood pressure.  Since the intestines and the colon are kept clean many diseases like cancer are also avoided.

How to Get Fiber

Take flour which is less refined or whole wheat bread, take pulses with the skin, take fruits and vegetables with skin, though it is important to wash them thoroughly.  Take nuts and sprouted seeds regularly.

Additional Tip – If you suffer from constipation regularly then apart from increasing the fiber in the food, also start drinking around 1 to 1.5 liters of warm water in the morning.  Taking water along with fiber is essential since fiber need water to produce the bulk.  You constipation problems will vanish soon. If you suffer from other diseases like diabetes which can also cause diabetes then talk to your doctor.

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