Importance of Magnesium in Digestive Health and Constipation Cure

Many herbal therapists and naturopaths believe in treating diseases with the help of natural elements. As per these therapies it is believed that various elements are needed so that body is in balance state and that helps in keeping the diseases away. If all the elements are in balance the system and all the organs work properly and we remain healthy. One of the minerals which body needs is Magnesium. Magnesium is even more important since it is believed that lack of Magnesium in proper quantities is one of the causes of constipation.

Importance of Magnesium in Human Body

Magnesium relaxes our nerves and the nervous system, helps brain function properly and thus helps in keeping us relaxed and fresh. When there is lack of magnesium in the body an individual can lose the mental balance and speech becomes uncontrolled. It is also required in skeletal system for having healthy bones and teeth. It increase elasticity in the tissues and makes the muscles more flexible and elastic and hence prevents many injuries.

It also is an effect antacid and helps in gas troubles and also lowers the acidity problems. It also keeps us relaxed and helps in having proper sleep. It is also frequently used as an fever reducing agent.

Role of Magnesium in Digestion and as Constipation Remedy

Foods which contain Magnesium are alkaline in nature. Many citrous fruits are good sources of Magnesium. For example fruits such as lemon and oranges are good sources of Magnesium and although they are acidic but when these are eaten the magnesium in these fruits make them alkaline in nature and hence help in reducing acidity and hyper acidity problems. Since acidity is reduce it also reduces gas in the stomach and ease problems like stomach pain and heartburn problems and also aids digestion.

Magnesium plays an important role in the excretory system to work properly. For example digestion process work properly when the food in not too acidic and magnesium makes the food alkaline and keeps the gases under control. Having proper Magnesium will make the digestion proper and easier to eliminate the food. Magnesium also helps in eliminating poisons and toxins which are produced from digestion of foods and proteins and hence keeps the system healthy.

Good Sources of Magnesium

Citrus fruits, apricots, spinach, various nuts, whole grains, tofu, soy milk peaches, brown rice, apples, okra etc.

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