Is Squatting a Solution for Constipation?

Many people want to know if squatting is the best position for toilet and if it can help in avoiding constipation. The fact is squatting is the natural way to go to toilet for mankind since the beginning of time.  Squatting position is still the common way to relieve in many countries all over the world especially in India and other Asian countries.

When a person relieves one self in natural squatting position, the body is ideally placed for elimination.  The colon is also in the right position so that the feces can be pushed out easily.  When western toilet is used the body is in an unnatural position and it puts pressure on the colon and other organs of the the lower abdomen region.

During the natural squatting position, the thighs provide necessary support to the colon for elimination.  There is a valve between the small intestines and the colon, which gets sealed in squatting position and hence generate proper pressure for elimination.  This does two things – Firstly acts as natural laxative since feces are eliminated naturally  and secondly feces cannot leak back into small intestines.  Due to this the elimination is proper.

In a squatting position, the abdomen press against the thighs and it creates a natural pressure on the organs such as rectum and colon and pushes the feces out.

The unnatural sitting position may look comfortable and people using it may feel sophisticated but it causes many health problem like constipation, appendicitis and colon cancer.  Colon takes out water from the waste and that is finally eliminated.

The modern toilet used now a days is less than 2 centuries old and was started in British empire.  Then it spread across all over the world and with it the problems of constipation increased.  The incidence of colon cancer is very high in the regions which use western toilets compared to the regions where squatting position is still prevelant.

Western toilets do have its benefits like it is good for people with problems in the knees and obese people who cannot squat properly.

Practically speaking it is difficult to change the toilet at home, so the next best solution is to use a stool and keep it below the feet.  Try to use a stool which can raise the knee around the rib cage and also try to keep the feet as close to the body as possible.  This will help in simulating squatting position.

If stool is used for squatting, you would find it easier to control constipation and also eliminate many problems associated with using the western toilets.

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