Is Your Stress Causing the Constipation?

Many time our life can be affected by events which may not seem related at the first look.  For example you may not be aware that sometimes what happens at office may also affect your personal life at home.  For example if you are having a stressful day at office it will also reflect your mood at home.  Similarly if you are happy in personal life you will be able to work better at your job also.

In this article let us try to see how stress can affect us from health angle and resulting in constipation also.  Stress can be among the many reasons for constipation.  Stress is a condition which has a connection on both body and mind.  When any one is disturbed that give rise to stress.  Stress is a condition where in the body thinks that something is not right.  Body is thus ready for either fight or flight.  This has origins in very old times when humans used to live in caves.  To be ready for the fight or flight body creates cortisol and other hormones which activates the nervous system so that body can take action as needed.

When we are stressful for a long time the stress hormones start taking a toll in our bodies.  Like everything else which we do for a long time or feel for a long time we become stressful by nature.  We then tend to remain in the stressful state.  When we are stressed out the body also starts reacting as if it is in emergency state.  As a reaction the body starts depositing fat so that it can act as energy reservoir and we start becoming fat or obese.

Even when you exercise under stress you do not get all the benefits since the energy is taken from carbohydrates present in the blood as glucose and that creates more cravings.  So we end up eating more and putting on more weight.

How Stress Can Also Cause Constipation

Stress also affects our muscles since they remain tense all the time.  If you want to see if you are tense just observe your stomach.  It is being used during respiration.  If it is raising and going down during the breathing that means you are breathing properly and not tense.  When the abdomen is tight the bowels movements are also under pressure and after some time it starts affecting the bowels.  The breathing becomes shallow and we only use partial lung capacity for breathing.

When the muscles are too tight we are unable to pass the stool.  Under stress the stomach produces more acid and leads to acidity and ulcers.  The intestines do not expand and contract properly and colon is also under pressure.  Stress also creates more toxins in the blood and body needs to work overtime to clear these toxins which puts more strain on the Liver and the Kidneys.  Liver is the major organ for producing bile and other digestive juices.  So stress also affects the digestive system.

Many times you would notice that you need to clear the bowels but if you try to force yourself to poo you are not able to do it.  The reason is when you are stressful colon becomes too stressful and obstructs the free flow.  In such cases it is advisable to just go out of the toilet for some time.  And walk or sit quietly.  The colon and rectum would become relaxed and within and a short time you will automatically feel the urge again and bowels are cleared easily.  This shows how stress can affect the the bowels.

Simple Technique to Deal with Stress Related Constipation

If you are suffering from stress related constipation here is a simple thing you can do each morning which should provide relief.  After you get up in the morning, take around two glasses of warm water with Lemon juice mixed into it.  If you can have more water that is even more preferable.  Now sit in a quiet place and ensure that you do not switch on the laptop or the TV.  They will prompt you into distraction which is not desirable.

Now start observing the belly movements.  Notice how it goes up as you inhale and goes inside as you exhale.  Try to observe this for around 10 to 15 minutes.  As you observe the belly movements the belly becomes relaxed on its own.  You would be able to feel how tense it was earlier and now how loose and relaxed it is.  Doing this brings out the stress from the belly muscles and the entire abdominal and the excretory system.

The warm water also starts showing its action by activating the intestines and the colon and you would have the urge to go to toilet soon.  Try this simple step and see the benefits soon.

The best option to reduce stress is having a balanced life, regular exercise and also observed your tummy everyday for some time so that you can do the belly breathing.  Belly breathing is very simple technique where in you observe the belly moving with the breathing.  This will automatically relax you.  You can also try yogic breathing exercises known as pranayama.  For more information read Kapalbhati Pranayama as Constipation remedy.  This way you will be able to get rid of stress and also get relief in many diseases and conditions including constipation.

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