Isabgol for Constipation Relief

Isabgol for ConstipationIf you are from India or Asia it is highly likely that you would have seen someone from your family using Isabgol for constipation relief.  I have seen my father and grandfather using it for effective constipation relief.   Isabgol is one of the most commonly used home remedies for constipation used since generations.

Isabgol is one of the best natural remedies available for constipation. It is being used for hundreds of years all over the world to treat various diseases and illnesses like constipation, IBS, piles etc.  This is being used as a part of ayurvedic remedy for constipation and allied problems.  Isabgol also known as Psyllium Husk.  It is a product of a herb and mainly seed and the husks are used.

Isabgol is also known by the names of  Ispaghula, Psyllium or Isapghol.  Isabgol grows in sandy and silty soils.  Its origin is supposed to be in Persia or Mediterranean region, though now a days it is grown all over the world wherever the climate and conditions are suitable.

Effects of Isabgol or Psyllium

Isabgol is an inert substance when it is inside the body, which means that it is not absorbed in the body through the intestines, but it has capacity to absorb water.  When isabgol is taken along with sufficient quatity of  water, it expands in volume.  This leads to an increase in bulk and moisture content of stool. This encourages normal peristaltic movement and keeps the bowel healthy.  Hence, Isabgol proves to be very effective constipation remedy.

Isabgol Husk for Constipation Cure

When Isabgol Can Help

Many people do not take enough fiber in their diet. Fiber plays an important role in the bowel movement and helps in elimination of the waste.  When the diet lacks fiber and in addition there general problem in peristaltic movement owing to all or some of the reasons including lethargic lifestyle, illness, lack of sufficient fluid, some medications – it leads to constipation.  Isabgol when taken, for constipation problems acts as natural fiber in the food.  As mentioned above, Isabgol can play the role of fiber for elimination since it bulks up on absorption of water.

Isabgol is used all over the world as constipation relief agent.  Since it is not absorbed in the body it comes with absolutely no side effects.  So if you are looking for side effect free constipation relief, Isabgol is the answer.


  • One to two spoons of Isabgol husk should be consumed with hot milk or hot water during night this will be helpful in proper bowel movement.

  • You can also add Triphala powder – taken in equal quantities (three to five grams) with hot water in the night. This will help in free motions.   This will also help in Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS).

Other Benefits of Isabgol

  • Help reduce risk of heart attack by decreasing serum cholesterol through proper excretion of bile acids
  • Helps in cases of Piles, diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Helps in eliminating accumulated toxic and excessive waste products from the body.


  • In case of intestinal or stomach ulcers or inflammations of the stomach avoid taking Isabgol or any other bulk producing laxative.
  • Take sufficient fluid.
  • Do not take in case of inflammation of esophagus or the food pipe or chest pain problems.
  • Some people may be allergic to the husk.

For more information visit benefits and side effects of Isabgol.

How to Buy Isabgol

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