Mental Aspect of Constipation

When we try to understand Constipation as a disease, not only is the physical aspect but the mental aspect is also involved here.  Any person who maintains a slow lifestyle which involved almost no physical exercise, has no enthusiasm towards life and lacks energy is also likely to suffer from lack of digestive power and hence suffer from constipation.  When we say digestive power, it implied proper working of all the organs involved in digestion and absorption of food.

Similarly people who are stubborn and not ready to face changes and challenges in life easily and wholeheartedly also suffer from constipation and when the constipation stays for a long time then they start accepting as a part of their life.

There are some people who are always fearful of uncertainties of life and always anticipating bad thing to happen are like to suffer from “constipation neurosis” which means they are afraid they would suffer from constipation.  These people are also likely to suffer from constipation more frequently.  If these people accept that life and situation are always changing and accept this fact they would have more courage to face the changes in life and hence get rid of this fear.

Those people whose profession involves more of mental work like people working in offices of having their own businesses or students who are into serious studies are also likely to suffer from constipation.  Since they use their mental energy more than the physical energy, an imbalance in these energies is created which can lead to constipation.

The remedy is to make oneself more active and include more physical activities in life like jogging or involving Yoga for Constipation relief.

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