Methi Seeds (Fenugreek) is Cure for Constipation

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If you suffer from constipation regularly, one of the reasons could be cough.  Methi seeds are excellent solution for curing chronic constipation caused for either sticky cough or even otherwise.

How cough causes constipation

When the cough and mucous is present in the body for a long time, it gets sticks.  Apart from the lungs, it also starts sticking to the intestines when it passes from the lungs to the intestines via stomach.  When the cough sticks to the intestines two problems happen –

1. The food or the feces get stuck to the cough and gradually more and more feces start getting stuck to the intestines.  This leads to gases in the stomach from the rotting feces in the intestines, which puts pressure on the nerves of the intestines and weakens them.  The peristaltic movement slows down and the constipation becomes more chronic.

2. The intestinal wall gets covered with the cough and mucous which stops the absorption of the nutrients in the blood and also the cough over time hardens and the intestine loses its flexibility.  This causes the peristaltic movements to stop or slow down considerably.  When this happen constipation is the natural consequence.

How Methi Seeds can Help Cure Constipation

Methi seeds have been proven to help in curing constipation and it can help in following ways –

1.       It is hot in nature (It generates heat in the body) and due to this factor it can gradually dissolve the cough in the body including the lungs and intestines.

2.       When methi seeds reaches the stomach and the intestines it is get swollen due to water absorption and as it passes through the intestines it takes the feces and the cough out along with it.  Since it contains water it increases the bulk in the intestines which is also one of the reasons in it being helpful in constipation relief.

As we can see, methi can relieve not only attacks the constipation, it also removes cough which is one of the causes of constipation.  In you take enema along with methi seeds the stomach will get clear in no time.

If you suffer from stomach ulcer or have too much of body heat then you should consult doctor before consuming methi seeds since methi seeds increase the body heat.

Try this simple treatment and see great results for yourself.
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