Milk Of Magnesia for Constipation Treatment

Milk of Magnesia is popular name for the chemical Magnesium Hydroxide.  It is one of the popular natural remedies for constipation treatment.  Since this chemical is derived from magnesium and white in color, it is known as milk of magnesia.  Many people have benefited in constipation and it is a quite popular laxative.  As per many naturopaths one of the common reasons for constipation is deficit of magnesium in our bodies and milk of magnesium can solve that problem.

How Milk of magnesia Works

This is taken orally and it does not gets absorbed by the intestines.  When it reaches the intestines, it absorbs water from the surroundings and increases the water content in the feces and makes it softer and easier to eliminate.

Because of water content the bulk in the intestines increases and that also helps in peristaltic movement.  Hence this compound acts as an laxative and quite effective in constipation problem.  Apart from liquid form you can also purchase milk of magnesia tablets which can be chewed.

Milk of Magnesia Dosage

You should not take high dosage and should keep it in the range of 2 to 5 grams.  If too much dosage is taken it will lead to diarrhea and can cause loss of body fluid.  Hence you should take small quantities which will suit you or consult your doctor first.

Milk of Magnesia Side Effects

There can be few side effects which you should be aware of –

  • As mentioned above, too much dosage can cause diarrhea.
  • It can lead to loss of potassium which can cause cramps.  Those with weakness and brain problems should be careful.
  • Too much of this also put kidney under pressure as magnesium is eliminated by the kidney.  Patients suffering from kidney problems should avoid or consult doctor before using this laxative.
  • Some people also suffer from weakness and vomiting.

However it is overall a safe laxative and can also be taken during pregnancy but it should always be taken after consulting your doctor.  Small dosage of this also acts as antacid and reduces acidity.  Many people also use various laxatives such as milk of magnesia as weight loss solution but that is not correct thing to do since that is not its intended purpose.

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