Mustard Oil for Constipation Relief and Other Health Benefits

Mustard Oil is very commonly used oil in several parts of the world for massage and alsoMustard Oil for Constipation as cooking medium in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Nepal. It has multiple health benefits which you get automatically once you start using it.

Mustard oil is an excellent option for massage to the abdominal region. Massaging with this oil generates heat and hence increases blood circulation in the digestive organs and promotes secretion of digestive juices and bile from Spleen, Liver and Gall bladder and increases your digestive powers. It also increases the peristaltic movements of the intestines and hence helps in constipation cure and relief. If you want to know more on this you can read the article abdomen massage for constipation relief.

Other Benefits of Mustard Oil

Relieves Cold and Cough – Since it generates heat in the body it helps in getting rid of cold and cough.  It also act as one of the effective home remedies for Sore throat.

Hair Health – Applying it on the head increases the hair health and stops premature hair fall.

Anti Bacterial Properties – It has anti bacterial properties and massaging the oil on the chest which is boiled in garlic helps in treating tuberculosis.

Joint Pain Relief – Taking this helps in getting rid of joint pains due to arthritis.

Earlier it was thought in western countries that mustard oil is not suitable for human consumption but that is not an accurate study since this was conducted on rats.  People in south east Asia have been consuming this oil for centuries and they have all enjoyed the health benefits without side effects.

It is also good source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is an anti oxidant and also consuming this oil regularly in form of cooking oil helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases to an large extent.  Many doctors believe that if you use this mustard oil as cooking medium you will win half the battle in fighting heart diseases and diabetes.

I have seen testimonials from people who have mentioned that consuming this oil for few days have treated body pain caused by taking cold substances such as cold drinks or curd.

Applying few drops of this oil in the nostrils before bath time prevents cold and sinus problems.

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