Natural Home Remedies for Constipation and Gout

Sometimes there are certain herbal solutions and natural occurring elements which are useful for multiple condition.  In some cases method of using is similar while at some other times the method of application may be different.

Gout is one of the common reasons of constipation since it damages the nerves of the digestive organs which makes the digestive organs sluggish and causes constipation.  Hence controlling gout is another way to control constipation.  If some remedy can directly control both constipation and gout wouldn’t it be wonderful.  Good news is such remedies do exist.

In this article let us have a look at few of the natural and herbal remedies effective for both constipation and gout.

Castor Oil for Constipation and Gout

Castor oil is a excellent solution for many maladies.  For gout here is what you need to do.  Take a cotton cloth and apply castor oil on the apply it on the affected joint and wrap it with another cloth and keep for half an hour.  Now apply hot water bottle or heated pad on top of this wrap.  Within few days the joints will open up as castor oil and the heat treatment will draw out the inflammation with increased circulation of blood.

For constipation take castor oil for orally.  For more information visit castor oil for constipation relief.

Flax Seed

Flax seed is another great way to treat both these diseases.  Flax seed oil lubricates all the joints of the body and reduces the amount of inflammation if a gout attack occurs.  The seed are also a great source of natural fiber which is essential food element to avoid constipation.

Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds
Fenugreek or methi seeds are very effective not only for gout and constipation, but also for diabetes which is also another cause for constipation.  You can soak these seeds overnight and have in the morning along with water.  For more information you can visit
Water is the lifeline for all organism and drinking water in sufficient quantities cures and prevents many diseases.  In the morning drink around 1 liter of warm water and it will not only relieve constipation but also flush out excess uric acid which causes gout.
If you are interested in knowing more solution about gout visit How to cure and control gout and arthritis.
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